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The great tree census of 2023

The great tree census of 2023 means, after 15 months spent measuring 51,324 trees across 16 hectares, Australia has joined …

Aussies shine at 2023 ITCC

The top tree climbers worldwide gathered on August 11, 2023, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US, to compete in the 2023 …

Tree cover to be mandatory for development in Sydney’s north

Urban greening through mandatory tree cover, minimising urban heat and mitigating climate change, will be able to be considered during …

Digging deep for mental-health awareness

South Australia’s first excavator dedicated to raising money for research into mental health has officially made its debut appearance at …

National Safe Work Month 2023 theme released

The overarching theme for 2023 is For everyone’s safety, work safely – encouraging everyone to make health and safety in …

Variation to annual leave and shutdown – provisions in modern awards

On December 22, 2022, a Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission issued a decision to insert a new model …

EWPs and Arbor mech

Vermeer’s SC48TX comes to Australian industry

Vermeer’s SC48TX is a huge contributor to site preparation, the often-overlooked first stage in the construction process.

Saws and log splitters feature!

Saws and log splitters will be a major feature of The Australian Arbor Age‘s June/July issue – the year’s most …

Monitor and Lucas Tree Services

Monitor and Lucas Tree Services have enjoyed a long association. Sam Lucas kicked off his life in arboriculture as an …

Cat plans a major reveal at DD&T!

Cat plans a major reveal for those lucky enough to attend the Diesel Dirt & Turf expo at Eastern Creek …

Anything a customer needs

‘Anything a customer needs’ is the catchcry at Shakanda Engineering. Designing and fitting out trucks and work vehicles is an …

The new Cat® HM6015 mulcher

The new Cat® HM6015 mulcher offers reliable performance and easy maintenance, and keeps safety a priority.

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EGO’s PSX2500 pruning saw attachment

The EGO Power+ Top-Handle chainsaw


Shakanda light-truck chipper bodies

Husqvarna’s Spire™ Vent Arborist helmet

MyPestGuide Trees app


10 ways to grow your business in 2024

QAA Objective Writing workshop

Reforestation cools the eastern US

Association News

Arboriculture Australia National Conference

The annual Arboriculture Australia National Conference is set to kick off in Melbourne on April 7-9 at the Melbourne Cricket …

QAA’s Objective Writing Workshop with Bryan Gould

QAA’s Objective Writing Workshop with Bryan Gould will show how to create written case-study assignments and/or workplace reports. The workshop …

Closing the Loopholes bill

‘Closing the loopholes’ is about amending the current legislation which can allow large businesses to claim the small business redundancy …

Business & Finance

A good time to finance

Interest rates remain at the front of peoples’ minds and the centrepiece of media reports. Australiawide Finance’s Colin Cooper points …

Premium funding a boon for small business

Premium funding may be able to help if you’re facing cash-flow challenges.

Contractors Insurance – do you have it covered?

Hiring a contractor or sub-contractor is often appealing to time-poor, cash-strapped small-business owners. One reason is they take care of …

Stay ahead of interest rates and inflation

Colin Cooper and Australiawide Finance can help arborists stay ahead of interest rates and inflation, and can advise on taking …

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Fecon Australia: the key to success

Saving Hunter Valley River Red Gums

Shakanda chipper truck bodies – built to last

HANSA commercial chippers are fit for purpose

Trends in trees

HANSA C65RX: engineered to perform


ANSI A300 tree-care standards consolidated

ANSI A300 standards have long been regarded as the standard for US arbor-industry practices. The 10 standards, covering various aspects …

ProofSafe – software and app for efficiency, compliance and safety

In essence, ProofSafe allows a business owner to collect any data, save it, then efficiently get it out again in …

Trees Near Me app

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has come up with a new app called The Trees Near Me NSW. …

Enviro Trees

Plenty of companies, both small and large, struggle with the admin side of business. Arborists usually want to be out …

Non-destructive examination techniques

Trees significantly lower the urban temperature in summer. The contribution of old trees as habitats to biodiversity is even greater than long thought: more …