Zeus by Teupen is the new release from the Spider Lift specialists at ASPAC Group.

Having sold hundreds of Spider Lifts since the Australian release of Hinowa in 2003, ASPAC Group knows a thing or two about the industry advances that have finally seen the German made and assembled Zeus by Teupen product available on our shores.
For those who may not recognise the name, Teupen (Pron Toy-Pin) have been designing and manufacturing spider lifts for 40 years and are the worlds largest and most respected supplier, their reputation built on quality, ease of use and reliability.

According to ASPACs Martin Eade it is this combination, along with an extensive product offering from 13 to 50 metres that will see Zeus by Teupen significantly grow the usage and ownership of Spider Lifts in the Tree Care Industry.

“The Zeus by Teupen has everything a client could want,” explains Eade. “Typically German the quality is exceptional, unlike anything I have seen previously, the units are very well guarded against falling branches and debris, including the Kubota engine and they are simple and instinctual to operate.”

The units are extremely stable when in the air and combine this with clever design to give units with worlds most extreme outreach, a case in point the new 19T with14.5 metres of horizontal outreach.”

Backing up the claim that the Zeus by Teupen are the most reliable on the market, they are protected with an industry leading three-year comprehensive warranty and in remote areas a FIFO machine down response guarantee.

And this German made spider lift would not be complete without some unique operator assistance that would seem equally at home in other Icons such as BMW or Mercedes.

The new Zeus by Teupen 21 and 24GT Articulated and the Telescopic series 19, 23 and 31-metre units all have Zeus assist. This evolutionary control system will differentiate between operator error and technical fault, and actually guide the operator through the problem with on screen prompts.

Zeus Recall is also standard which enables operators on the T series to press a memory function and have the machine manoeuvre back to where it was previously positioned, ideal for those tricky situations.

Zeus by Teupen is available now in Australia from ASPAC Group. Call (03) 9796 4254 for your obligation free information kit, or to arrange an on site demonstration.

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