Zero Trousers for Women

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Well, maybe not. But there are differences. And that’s why women and men have different clothing stores or areas within the same store. So why are female arborists forced to always shop from the ‘men’s section’? Chainsaw protective trousers are, by default, based upon the male form and designed accordingly. They make no allowance for the difference in shape. From the waist to hips, to the leg length, they are all based on men’s measurements. This is why many female arborists will often find chainsaw trousers to be too big, too baggy or too long.

This is about to change. No longer will female arborists have to settle for ill-fitting PPE. Clogger has just changed all that with the introduction of the Women’s Zero Chainsaw Protective Trousers. The protective quality has not changed. The weight (or rather lack of it) has not changed. Neither has the ability of the fabric to ‘breathe’, keeping the arborist cooler for longer. All of the features of the Zero pants that has made them so popular remain the same. Except these zero’s are for women. So exactly how do they differ?
“It’s in the hips and leg length” says Alexandra Hardy, R&D Manager. “The measurement ratios are different between the sexes so we’ve made them different in our pants. The result is a better fit and a better fit leads to a pant that performs better”.

The women’s range has been launched in women’s clothing sizes, the increments between sizes better matching those found in general women’s clothing. This will help with easier identification of the correct size, helping arborists choose the best fit for them.

Clogger see this as a logical step forward and aim to expand the range in the near future. “We want the trousers to perform as well as they possibly can. We set high standards for them. Those standards cannot be met if the fit isn’t right” says Neil Kilby, Sales & Marketing Manager for Clogger. Further, it’s all part of a larger purpose for Clogger: “We simply want to make the best products we can for everyone. We like to innovate, adapt and do what is right rather than what is easy”, says Neil.

In the medium term, Clogger will be looking to introduce Women’s versions of their most popular products. Next up is the Spider Climbing trousers, with the women’s version expected in late July.


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