Is this the world’s largest tree?

Thought to be the world’s largest tree, Hyperion is a coastal redwood – Sequoia sempervirens – located somewhere in the depths of Redwood National Park in California, USA, and stands a whopping 115 metres tall.

The exact location of the tree isn’t made public, and only 30 metres or so from the tree’s base is the edge of a clearcut from the 1970s.

Clearcutting is a forestry practice in which all trees in an area are logged. About two weeks before Hyperion would have been victim of the practice, its valley was added to the Redwood National Park.

At that time only 15 per cent of the rich redwood forests remained, and today only about four per cent are still standing.

According to redwood standards, Hyperion is quite young and still growing vigorously. It’s thought the tree might be around 600 years old, which makes the big sequoia a young adult in arboricultural terms

Common names for Sequoia sempervirensinclude coast redwood, coastal redwood,
and California redwood. It’s an evergreen,long-lived, monoecious tree with a lifespan
of between 1200 and 2200 years.
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