VTIO Women in Arboriculture weekend

Join the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation for the Women In Arboriculture Weekend on  October 6 to 9, at Pax Hill Scout Camp, Ballarat. It’s free!

The 2023 VTIO Women in Arboriculture Weekend is a free training event for women currently working in the arbor industry, or interested in exploring opportunities in allied industries.

Experienced and qualified tree climbers will lead activities ranging from basic tree climbing through to more medium and advanced climbing techniques, including:
• Correctly implementing fit-for-purpose equipment
• Tree-inspection techniques
• Gear inspection
• The physics of tree climbing
• Chainsaw maintenance (safe use at ground level and in the canopy)
• Aerial rescue
• Arborist knots, and
• Career advice.

The workshop offers an open and inclusive environment for all women, regardless of ability, to either learn basic skills or improve their canopy-access techniques to minimise the risks associated with tree climbing.

Please note:
• Catering is provided on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday breakfast
• Accommodation is provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and
• Participants need to arrange their own transport.

VTIO looks forward to seeing everyone at the 2023 VTIO Women in Arboriculture weekend in October.

More info is available at vtio.org.au.


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