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Wildfire Blades: Proudly Aussie Made

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With 153 years of history, WH Blakeley Industrial Knives is one of the Australian owned businesses who proudly manufactures high quality products for the tree work industry.

The arborist industry as we know it today has its roots grounded in the Saw Milling industry.

In the 1850-70s the States of Australia were separate colonies and timber was one of the key industries. Saw-mills had their own saw doctors to sharpen, hammer and set the band, circular and cross-cut saws.

H. Blakeley & Co.

H. Blakeley & Co. was the first manufacturer of saws and knives for the lumber trade in Australia. The Company started in Russell street, Melbourne, a wide dirt street in the heart of Melbourne. Today, 153 years later, W. H. Blakeley continues to trade to this day marketing their chipper blades under the ‘Wildfire’ banner.

Early chipper blades had a single edge only and slots for adjustment. The knives were hard right through, and a soft clamp over the top held the blades in the machine. If a piece of metal went through the machine it was hoped the clamp would hold the broken pieces from flying out. To hold trees together, arborists would employ metal bands and wounds inflicted by cutting tools were plastered with creosote.

Modern Chipper Knives

Today’s modern chipper knives have a dual edge and like the Wildfire brand are fabricated with a soft centre and hardened edges for longevity. The soft centre allows the blade to flex when faced with an unexpected impact. Considerable effort has been made by W. H. Blakeley to get chipper design just right.

Really amazingly ‘Wildfire’ manufactured in Melbourne are still able to compete with imported product. Unbelievable! Why?

Wildfire production is vested in state of the art machines that keep machining times minimal. Steel mills are dealt with directly. Wildfire holds a large inventory of all models and makes, and custom made blades are no issue.

The skills set that has been handed down over the generations is why Wildfire Blades outperform others chipper blades significantly. ‘Wildfire’ can claim a factor of three to one times compared with the performance of imported knives.

Once tried there is no turning back, from customer feedback many wished they had heard of Wildfire earlier.

It’s good to see an Australian family company that has lasted over 150 years and which is still producing high quality product in Australia.

For more information call (03) 9562 1511 or visit www.blakeley.com.au

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