Wiesner & Timberwolf, Partners for the Future

Diversity is the key to long term success in any business, so when agricultural machinery dealer CJ & LH Wiesner Pty Ltd saw the opportunity to bring Timberwolf wood chippers to the Australian market, it was an easy decision to make.

C.J. & L.H. Wiesner Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business founded in 1972 on the principle of serving customers better. This and Wiesner’s long history supporting the agricultural industry with equipment and parts inventories, parts and service expertise was a perfect fit with Timberwolf’s 30 years of expertise in the wood chipper industry.

Every Timberwolf wood chipper is designed and manufactured in Great Britain and are renowned across Europe for market leading performance, reliability, service ability and high residual value. All Timberwolf wood chippers are built with ease of use, ease of maintenance and, above all, safety in mind.

The Timberwolf range spans 6” petrol and diesel road tow, 8” diesel road tow as well as tracked and PTO driven machines. With initial stocks finding work with arborists and land owners, customer feedback has been very positive, highlighting the versatility of a light weight, high-throughput machine particularly in tight residential areas.

All Timberwolf wood chippers feature hydraulically driven, dual in-feed rollers safety stop bar and large positive in-feed controls on both sides of the machine. The “no stress” auto in-feed control protects the machine from overload while maximising throughput. Couple this with centralised greasing, WolfPort for quick access to the reversable blades and removable side panels for engine access, Timberwolf chippers maximise performance and productivity.

Discover the performance and power of Timberwolf wood chippers by booking a demo at www.wiesner.com.au or by calling Simon on 0477 885 922.

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