Why Urban Arb Solutions Chooses Bandit

As well as a powerful and efficient stump grinder, Bandit’s service team was the main advantage for this proud Gold Coast business.

Having the right after-sales service team has been just as important to Matt O’Neill’s success as having the right machine for the job. Based on the Gold Coast, Matt is the director of Urban Arb Solutions, which offers a range of arborist services including felling trees, palm cleaning, stump grinding and mulching.

A wide range of jobs means Matt needs a trusted after-sales service team on his side, which is why he chose Bandit for his latest purchase.

“The Bandit machines sell themselves,” says Matt. “And a big part of the switch was dealing with the previous machine, the after-sales service care was pretty horrible. But Ben, Jason and everyone else at Bandit have always been there at the drop of a hat.”

Matt is a Certificate V Arborist and began his own business, Urban Arb Solutions, in 2016. His team has now expanded to a crew of four. Catering to both private and commercial needs, he’s now added a SG-40 stump grinder to his fleet.

“The previous machine I had was a smaller machine,” says Matt. “It was the right time to jump in a new machine, something with a bit more power. I’m doing a lot more commercial-style jobs, bigger stumps and bigger trees so it made sense. And the bonus of this Bandit model is greater accessibility with the narrower tracking.”

The Bandit SG-40 also features low ground impact, excellent power transfer to cutter head and an enhanced ground speed of 4km/h to get you to the stump quicker. Other impressive specs include:
• A Kohler 38 horsepower petrol engine
• Easy manoeuvrability in a compact size measuring 74cm in length 122cm height
• Cutter swing range of 119.4cm
• Cutter height of 55.9cm

“The SG40 has been going great, it’s pumping the stumps,” says Matt.

“I’m up to about 14 hours on it now. Despite the narrow tracking, it’s quite stable… it hasn’t been an issue at all. The power delivery for the machine is really good. It smashes the stumps, it gets through the stumps really quick and it’s quite easy to use.”

Matt also currently operates a Bandit 18XP Chipper in his fleet and has been impressed with the after-sales service he receives from Bandit. He says his experiences with owning other chippers had been poor due to lack of reliable service.

“Most of the time, the Bandit team can fix the problem over the phone with their information and knowledge of the machine. Whereas I found with other brands, you call them up and then two days later, there’s a mechanic that diagnoses what the problem could be and you just get the run-around.”

“For our business, operating in the private game, time is money. If the machine is down for a day, you’ve just lost a day’s pay. So that’s a big part of why I went with Bandit.”

For more info visit www.banditchippers.com.au and www.urbanarbsolutions.com.au

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