Why PM Tree Worx Chooses Bandit

After operating larger chippers in the past, Bandit’s nimble 12X model has proved to be one of the best purchases for this proud family business.

Now operating their eighth Bandit woodchipper, the team at PM Tree Worx couldn’t be happier with their new 12-inch unit.

David McIntosh is the owner of PM Tree Worx, based in the Macedon Range of central Victoria. David is a long-time Bandit customer and has already racked up 650 hours on the new Bandit 12X since purchasing it in April last year.

“Our 12X works on a vast range of job sites and with the recent wet year we have had since acquiring the machine, it has been very handy because of its size and weight and its ability to chip large debris for its compact size,” says David.

“We’re finding that the 12-inch is doing such a good job, we’re not taking the larger machine out as much. It’s a lot easier for us.”

Apart from the 12-inch chipper, PM Tree Worx also run an old 1590XP chipper which has clocked over 3,500 hours, a testament to the after-sales service care of the Bandit team.

“We have always chosen to run Bandit chippers because of their great customer service and find they are very robust and hold up well with maintenance and serviceability,” says David.

“We have been dealing with the team at Bandit for approximately 25 years now and find Luke, Ben and the crew great to deal with. From spare parts to the workshop, nothing is ever a problem and they’re always quick to help or offer advice.”

The 12X is one of the smallest woodchippers in Bandit’s fleet, but still packs a punch. Its compact size has proved extremely useful for PM Tree Worx.

“When we looked at replacing our old Bandit model, all we were expecting or hoping was that this machine would do its job as good as the old machine,” says David.

“Since owning the 12X, we now believe this machine has changed how we operate on jobs and made us twice as efficient.”

One of the features of the Bandit 12X is that it operates with only two knives. Additionally, there are far fewer points requiring grease, making the machine’s daily maintenance routine quick and easy.

“The 12X is very easy to maintain and it takes about five minutes to change the blades and give it a grease,” says David.

Other impressive specs of the Bandit 12X include:
• An 85-horsepower diesel engine
• Easy manoeuvrability in a compact size (4.6m length x 2.3m height)
• Weighing in at under 2.4T
• 20″ diameter x 18 3/4″ wide drum

A family-owned business and 30 years strong, PM Tree Worx specialises in tree maintenance, stump removal, mulching and tree removal throughout the Macedon Ranges greater region and Sunbury.

“My late father started the business before I joined the team back in 2001. We have a great local crew of guys and we have a lot of fun doing what we do,” says David.

“Our clients range from Victorian roads, schools, golf courses and civil contractors down to our very loyal private residential clients.”

For more infomation, visit www.banditchippers.com.au and www.pmtreeworx.com.au

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