Waimea T320 – Compact Telescopic Cherry Picker

The Waimea T320 is a versatile 20m Telescopic Truck Mounted EWP.

The Waimea T320 is an agile unit with an incredible 11m horizontal outreach and compact stowed dimensions. At only 7.9m long, 2.2m in width and 3m in stowed height, this machine allows you to access those hard to get to applications and makes roadside applications look easy with its small stabiliser footprint and minimal tail swing!

Seated on a Hino 921 Automatic Cab Chassis, the Waimea T320 is powered by an engine driven PTO, allowing you to switch from stacking up kilometres to chopping down trees.

With pilot operated hydraulic controls for smooth boom functions, the Waimea T320 provides you with the proportional functionality required in the Arbor industry and yet still has fast boom movements when time is of the essence. Four hydraulic levers at the rear of the truck allow you to level the stabiliser legs quickly and efficiently, providing you with a view of both sides of the truck as you’re doing this.

The Waimea T320 Truck Mount is built to accommodate two persons and tools with a maximum rated basket capacity of 225kg. Also, this machine runs a 240V Electric Outlet to the basket allowing you to operate power tools safely at height or charge your spare batteries as you operate.

Once level and in the basket of the Waimea T320, having only one boom allows the operator to point and shoot the basket in the right direction and is very simple to operate with just four hydraulic functions. One lever allows you to slew the full boom of the EWP 360 degrees and provides you with a continuous slewing ability. This means you can rotate the boom 360 degrees in the one direction multiple times, if required, allowing you to access more trees in one setup. The second function allows you to elevate and lower the boom. Third function allows you to telescope the boom in and out giving you access to a much greater radius of a canopy, and the fourth function provides you with platform rotation allowing an operator to navigate his way through a clustered canopy or display the full face of the basket providing a more comfortable working position.

To find out more about this great machine, email trucks@waimea.net.au or call (02) 8610 5601.

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