Vermeer’s SC48TX comes to Australian industry

Vermeer’s SC48TX is a huge contributor to site preparation, the often-overlooked first stage in the construction process.

Before construction can kick off, necessary site preparation – such as stump grinding – may need to be carried out. With such a wide variety of types and sizes of stumps often needing to be removed, contractors are looking for new, bigger and better equipment to help them get the job done.

No two jobs, stumps or sites are the same, but having a range of stump grinding machines to cater to each situation is costly – not to mention time wasted to swap out machines. Powerful, flexible, adaptable equipment which doesn’t sacrifice efficiency and productivity is essential for industry professionals. With its new SC48TX Stump Grinder, Vermeer Australia understands this challenge and rises to the occasion.

Equipment that won’t have you stumped

Vermeer’s SC48TX Stump Grinder offers the latest in stump-grinding technology and is specifically designed to help contractors systematically cut stumps of all sizes. The 48hp (36kW) diesel engine gives optimal fuel economy, durability and performance, and the beltless direct-drive system delivers maximum power from the engine to the cutter wheel through a pair of gearboxes connected by a driveshaft.

The beltless design of Vermeer’s SC48TX system also means contractors can expect minimal maintenance costs.

The machine’s low ground pressure and narrow footprint gives operators access to previously unattainable locations. Challenging and narrow job sites are no longer an issue as the SC48TX allows users to retract the machine to only 35 inches (89cm) and then extend the tracks to 49 inches (124.5 cm).

The low-disturbance tracks provide optimal traction and stability in tough, uneven ground conditions, reducing the time needed for job prep, and the blade’s rounded lower edge leads to minimal turf damage.

The optional backfill blade efficiently moves chips around the jobsite, eliminating the requirement to manually relocate the chips and mitigating the need for a lengthy cleanup.

The beltless design of the system also means contractors can expect minimal maintenance costs. Image: Vermeer Australia

The latest in stump grinding technology

The unique Vermeer cutting system boasts a two-sided cutter wheel which minimises recirculation of material and maximises cutting performance, enhancing jobsite productivity and streamlining performance.

Jobsite flexibility, safety and visibility is further enhanced with the SC48TX’s optional full-function remote control – meaning equipment can be operated without the need for an operator physically standing at the operator’s station.

Vermeer Australia prides itself on providing innovative machines equipped with smart technology and the SC48TX Stump Grinder is no exception, fitted out with the Vermeer cutting system, SmartSweep™ control system, and the operator presence system. The multifunctional display (MFD) goes the extra mile for operators, displaying hours, fuel level, engine speed, engine faults and engine status.

The unique Vermeer cutting system boasts a two-sided cutter wheel which minimises recirculation of material
and maximises cutting performance. Image: Vermeer Australia

Backed by the best in the business

Contractors can rest easy knowing the machine’s CAT engine is backed by proven worldwide service and support and comes with three-year coverage.

Further adding to user confidence, Vermeer o

More than just offering the latest high-quality, high-performance and functional equipment, Vermeer Australia provides after-sales support and service, with a team of industry professionals on hand across 10 branches to assist customers.

For more information on Vermeer products and services, call your local Vermeer Australia team on 1300 VERMEER or visit

Image: Vermeer Australia
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