Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series 2021

Vermeer Australia Arborist Seminar Series goes online for another year.

The annual Vermeer Australia Arborist Seminar Series will be held online for a second year in a row, as the pandemic has limited our restrictions for travel and large gatherings in many states, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be an incredibly insightful and informative session for all those who attend!

Vermeer Australia’s Arborist Seminar Series will be held in early November and offers a series of workshops for everyone working in the tree care industry, whether they’re an experienced arborist or a novice climber. The series has been running for more than a decade now and is a highlight of the tree industry calendar.

The series will feature a number of different seminars delivered by industry experts.

Crane use in tree care, presented by Joe Harris from Into Trees
Joe Harris is a seminar presentation veteran, and runs Into Trees, a leading tree climbing and arboricultural company based out of Tasmania.

Joe will present a session on crane use in tree care, a skill that may seem simple, but can come with a lot of complexities. The session will include a live demonstration of the factors arborists need to consider when using cranes, including:
• Planning and quoting a job, including identifying if a crane is needed, determining the right crane spec, pricing the job correctly and what other resources might be needed;
• Setting up for crane work and sequencing the tree removal, including where to place the crane, what technology or communications are needed between the arborist and the crew on the ground, and the sequence of lifts, max weight and operating radius;
• The “crane access method”, including advantages and disadvantages of this approach and how it can differ in different regions and jurisdictions; and
• Branch and tree lift options and best practice for both.

Winching and feeding with Jamie Boston from Boston Tree Care
Jamie Boston co-runs Boston Tree Care, a leading family owned and operated tree company based in Brisbane, servicing southeast QLD and beyond. Jamie knows his way around all types of tree jobs, from tree pruning to tree removals and consulting arborist services.

Jamie will take viewers through the process of winching and feeding, a topic he says most arborists are familiar with, but need further understanding around the best time or type of project to use the technique, plus tips and tricks for best practice. The session will cover:
• Connecting the chain to tree/rope;
• Safe winching positions;
• Winching larger pieces with the chain;
• Winching long pieces or logs with the chain;
• Winching without the chain;
• Redirecting the winch rope; and
• General tips and tricks.

Modern ascending systems with Jamie Boston
Using a modern ascending system when scaling a tree is a skill that every climber should know, but not every climber is confident in. In this session, Jamie will cover the basics of modern ascending, to help all climbers out there be prepared when it comes time to using the technique, including:
• A basic history in ascending techniques;
• Identifying the two major styles of modern ascending;
• How to set up either style safely and what equipment you need for each;
• Breakdown of each technique and when each is best to use; and
• Do’s and don’ts for both techniques

How to register
If you’re interested in attending the Vermeer Australia Arborist Seminar Series, you can register online at

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