Upgrade your Everyday Pro Tools

Whether you’re pruning, limbing, or shaping, you’re sure to find your perfect upgrade from Husqvarna’s line-up of arborist tree care saws and pole saws. They offer the ideal combination of manoeuvrability, durability and cutting capacity – tailor-made for just about any requirements, making easy work of any challenge, no matter how hard the job.

Designed for use in treetops, the battery-powered T540i XP® is a game-changer. The ideal climbing saw, for quick cuts, and the thickest of branches. The T540i XP® takes on the very same challenges a climbing arborist meets every day.

When used with the Husqvarna BLi200X battery, this powerful workhorse has capabilities equivalent to professional 40cc class petrol chainsaws, making it ideal for tree removals and smaller cutting tasks. With a completely redesigned, optimised system, power has been increased by more than 30 per cent compared to previous Husqvarna battery chainsaws, opening it up for applications that have been exclusive for petrol chainsaws.

T540i XP®
A tree cares professional’s work position can be 20 metres in the air, in the bucket or on the ground; therefore, arborists need a tool that has been designed for versatility and easy handling. The Husqvarna T540i XP® chainsaw has an advanced, user-friendly interface for quick control. A balanced saw body provides the manoeuvrability needed for difficult cuts.

The battery status is easily visible on the newly developed intuitive interface, and the chainsaw starts and stops effortlessly at the press of a button. The absence of direct emissions is one of the benefits with a battery-powered chainsaw. The user is also subject to reduced noise and fewer vibrations, which equals less strain on the body.

Keeping in mind the tough everyday work-life of arborists, only premium materials and durable components have been used, resulting in a robust chainsaw. The saw is also IPX4 classified, meaning that it can operate in challenging weather.

Power, convenience and precision, all in the same package.

T535i XP®
With superior performance and excellent ergonomics, the battery-powered T535i XP® is the ultimate arborist chainsaw. This lightweight, robust battery-powered chainsaw features excellent ergonomics, zero emissions, high performance and a high chain speed to give the perfect cut.

Weighing in at just 2.4 kg (excluding battery and cutting equipment) means you can cut with reduced strain on the body. Built to give you all the power and intuitive design of its petrol counterparts, the T535i XP® is designed to offer maximum flexibility, convenience and productivity with zero emissions. A single charge of the battery is equal to one tank of petrol in workload, and, the range of battery accessories allows you to power up from quick jobs to all-day work.

An intuitive keypad and effortless push of a button to start/stop the chainsaw are handy when stuck in a precarious position with tight and limited movement. The efficient brushless motor provides high and consistent torque, and the fitted inertia-activated chain brake reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

Making light work of all your pruning and trimming jobs is the Husqvarna’s T525. Designed with tree care professionals in mind, this top handle chainsaw, is one of the lightest on the market, perfect for maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

Like every other chainsaw Husqvarna makes, the T525 has powerful performance that pro users appreciate. But perhaps the greatest advantage is the maintained professional level of engine performance packed into a lower weight saw. Weighing a mere 2.7 kg (excl. cutting equipment) means that users can cut with less strain on the body.

Built-in quick acceleration makes light work of pruning, while Husqvarna’s signature X-Torq® engine ensures higher power output compared to other tree care saws, which means getting more done with the same amount of fuel. X-Torq® also means lower levels of exhaust emissions, giving users a cleaner environment to work in.

When you’re sitting high up in a tree, reliability is essential. A spring-assisted start allows for lower pull force, meaning less effort is required to start the engine, which is useful when movement is tricky. A side-mounted chain adjuster allows for easy adjustments.

Easy maintenance solutions on the T525 come in the form of a quick-release air filter, flip-up fuel tank caps, and retained bar nuts. These simple maintenance solutions make it easy for users to maintain their products, to decrease unnecessary downtime or breakdowns.

For pro arborists, landscapers and garden contractors after a chainsaw that combines excellent reliability, speed performance and ergonomics, look no further than the Husqvarna T540 XP® II.

Unrivalled in its power to weight ratio, the lightweight T540XP II has an extremely powerful X-Torq® engine. It features AutoTune™ which automatically adjusts the engine settings based on environmental conditions heat, altitude, filter condition to ensure optimal engine performance.

For the perfect fit, the top handle grip can be adjusted to three alternative sizes, and the belt eye makes it quick and easy to connect the saw to your climbing harness.

Not only does this top handle chainsaw use up to 20 per cent less fuel, but it also reduces the emissions up to 75 per cent, helping to keep the amount of exhaust gases caught in the canopy of the tree to a minimum.

“Created with the environment in mind, Husqvarna pole saws are designed for fuel efficiency as well as low emissions.”

Pole Saws
Dense tree crowns, high branches and thick greenery often make for a tricky working environment. Husqvarna’s professional range of pole saws are lightweight and designed for superior reach balance and performance.

Husqvarna pole saws offer a wide range of smart and ergonomic design features. The Smart Start® function enables you to start the unit quickly with minimal effort. The inertia-balancing wheel reduces vibration, minimising operator fatigue and providing improved cutting performance. With a comfortable harness, soft handles and a flexible suspension, that reduces stress on your arms, it will always be an ergonomic and comfortable partner to rely on.

Created with the environment in mind, Husqvarna pole saws are designed for fuel efficiency as well as low emissions.

The Husqvarna 525PT5S pole saw is perfect for pruning an overgrown hedge to cutting high branches from tall trees. With superior productivity and precision cutting, this long reach pole saw lets you cut up to a height of five metres with the telescopic tube allowing quick and easy cutting height adjustments.

Engineered with Husqvarna’s LowVib technology, the 525PT5S has low vibration levels for maximum safety and ease of use. It is powered by X-Torq® engine technology that delivers an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The automatic bar and chain oiler, toolless air filter access, and solid shaft all provide the performance and reliability you need to get the job done.

The 530iPX is especially suited for uneven and dense terrain where superior freedom of movement is needed.

It is an agile, and lightweight battery- powered forestry clearing saw with a truly professional performance. It offers high chain speed plus balance, lightness and low vibration for easy, precise work free from noise and direct emissions.

The Husqvarna 530iP4 is a battery pole saw for professionals with a long reach of up to 4 metres (including the reach of the average user) to access hard-to-reach areas. The 530iP4 extreme battery performance surpasses its petrol equivalents while reducing noise and emissions pollution.

Experience maximum durability with low weight and excellent ergonomics.

A long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions. This 530iPT5 telescopic battery pole saw, has a long 5m reach, perfect for accessing high, hard to reach areas.

The smart battery pack position placed horizontally through the machine’s body reduces the risk of having dirt, chips, dust and water accumulate in the battery compartment, causing connector issues. Also, it means the weight of the battery can be placed in or near the desired centre of gravity and in the rotational axis of the product, resulting in increased manoeuvrability. The through-body design also offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows battery packs of different sizes to be used.

Spire™ Arborist Helmet
Working at heights requires protection. For comfort, safety and style while on the job, check out Husqvarna’s new Spire™ Arborist Helmet. Designed for professional arborists, the Spire™ Vent helmet is lightweight and well ventilated for maximum comfort. It has a universal fit and a wheel ratchet for easy size adjustment. Also equipped with attachments for mounting headlamps, ear muffs and visors. Compatible with three Husqvarna visor styles, including clear, mirror and smoke (all sold separately). Fulfils European standard EN 12492 for work at heights.

For further details, or to kit yourself out with the latest in cutting excellence, head to your local Authorised Husqvarna Dealer, or visit www.Husqvarna.com

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