Trees R Us Chooses High-Quality Work and Top Shelf Machinery

When it comes to skilled professional arborists working out of regional Melbourne, you would be hard up finding a more professional outfit than Roger Iacobucci’s “Trees R Us” team.

The “Trees R Us” team has been providing quality advice along with tree pruning, removal, cable bracing, stumping and arboricultural reports for a wide host of clients over this time. When asking Roger about his relationship with his clients and team, he shared: “It takes a team effort to deliver exceptional service.Our focus with staff is educating and carrying out tree works in a safe and compliant manner. All our staff have either a Level 5 Diploma Certificate or currently finishing Certificate 3. In terms of our clients, I believe in exceeding their expectations with not just the quality of our work and communications but ensuring we operate safely at all times.”

Roger himself is a top bloke, at age 51 he is still playing rugby and sponsors his local club. Chatting to him you can tell he cares about his community and teammates.

When it comes to machinery Roger well and truly appreciates the massive benefits of not only purchasing and using top shelf machinery that is well suited to the applications, but he also appreciates the strength and support from great suppliers. In Roger’s case that’s Ryan McKenna from Global Machinery Sales. “I have been dealing with GMS since 1999, in the day when a mechanic by the name of Billy could diagnose chipper issues in minutes. I believe in building relationships with our suppliers and drawing on their product knowledge and expertise. In 2005 I bought my first Rayco chipper (12inch). In 2014 I updated to the new RC1220. In 2021 I purchased the new Först ST8 chipper. I have always taken good care of my machinery but the fact that over this 17-year period, as a loyal customer of Global Machinery Sales, I have returned for all three of my machines speaks volumes about the product and customer service I have received over this time.”

Roger’s latest purchase via Global Machinery Sales is the Först ST8D 8″ Wood Chipper. Looking at the specs of this machine it’s built around being a sturdy, powerful 8″ chipper with jaw dropping performance and tank like construction. This little Först unit is built tough, and the Först team have so much confidence with its performance and build quality that it comes with an absolutely guaranteed three-year warranty, and did I mention that it comes fully dialled in with all the current emission regulations?

When asking Roger about his top five features of the Först ST8D he shared: “To start with the three-year warranty gives any owner the peace of mind in their investment. After buying and using the machine this year it hasn’t missed a beat. Having no clutch and easy maintenance is also a big plus for owners. It’s lightweight and compact but don’t let that allow you to think it’s lacking in power because the design of this machine has produced some significant power above and beyond what you would expect for the Kubota engine size. The ST8D has great chipping capability (palm not an issue) and in terms of noise it’s only producing 122DB.”

Roger continued: “The only thing I can’t vouch for currently is how the machine will perform over the long term as I haven’t owned the machine long enough to comment accurately on that, but with the three-year warranty, and the history of the other machines I’ve purchased from Global Machinery Sales, I’m not worried by that at all. This is a well-designed, powerful and sturdy chipper with all the extras at 60K. The Först ST8 is a great backup chipper for small to medium jobs that allows the chipper to access confined areas.”

Ryan McKenna has been an important part of the Global Machinery Sales team for 12 years and his current role is Business Development Manager, although over the years he has been successful at other roles, from Spare Parts to the General Manager. Asking Ryan about the relationship with Trees R Us he shared: “Over the 12 years working with Trees R Us, Roger has purchased three machines, originally a Rayco RC12, then upgrading to the Rayco RC1220 and recently adding a Först ST8 to his fleet – the first time his business has ran two crews. The feedback I’ve had from Roger on the Först has been exceptional. Roger is one of those customers that is more a mate than a business associate, great guy, loyal to Global Machinery Sales because of the service we provide him and earned his trust and respect. Covid-19 has been obviously tough for Victoria but a positive of Covid-19 here was that people had more money to spend locally on their properties in one way or another, which leads to tree works which leads to machine sales.”

For more information on Trees R Us call (03) 9458 5356 or email To find out more about the Först range of wood chippers call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926 or visit

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