Trees Near Me app

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has come up with a new app called The Trees Near Me NSW.

Built for landholders, conservationists, land managers and anyone with an interest in NSW flora, the Trees Near Me NSW app provides a simple-to-use way to learn about which plants are growing anywhere in the Premier State, including native-plant communities such as State Forests, National Parks and areas of bushland still present throughout NSW. The app also has a function which shows what the plant communities looked like before areas were cleared.

The app includes:
* Learning more about vegetation in a particular locality and throughout NSW. The vegetation map shown in the app is the well-known NSW State Vegetation Type map
* Listings of native Plant Community Types (PCT) and species within selectable areas
* A search of native vegetation information within a search area of 200 metres, 400 metres or 1000 metres
* A focus on individual species
* A link to search for pictures and descriptions of specific plants and links for more information, and
* Descriptions of vegetation for areas which have since been cleared and populated.

A great resource

The app is especially useful for landscapers working in close proximity to sensitive areas, and to help in advising clients in their selection of species. It’s also an excellent way to quickly get an overview of PCTs for any area of NSW where proposals and quotes are being prepared.

Trees Near Me is available from both the Apple app store and Google Play, or visit


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