Treemme X series tool-carrier tractors

Treemme X series tool-carrier tractors are for operators who need multi-purpose and high-performance machines that are easy to use but are not afraid of demanding work.

Treemme X machines – MM 250X (8T) and MM350X (9.2T) – are designed primarily for use in forestry, silviculture and soil preparation. The wide range of attachments available, the exclusive 360° visibility and the incredible manoeuvrability make them the ideal for professionals looking for specialised machines with the following features:
• Front and rear hydraulic handler (optional equipment)
• Continuous hydraulic delivery to the front attachment
• Six-cylinder engines with power ratings up to 250kW (340hp) in line with Stage V emission standards
• Hydrostatic transmission with electronic control, maximum speed 40kph
• Permanent four-wheel drive and allwheel steering with three available modes plus one option
• Cab compliant with ROPS, FOPS and OPS with approved anti-shattering transparent windows, and
• Service hydraulic system with loadsensing pump.

Treemme X machines have a wide range of attachments available, ideal tools for forestry professionals. Image: Merlo Australia

Technical advantages

The steel structure of Treemme tractors is the framework on which a highly technological working system is built.

The frame, reinforced with armouring in the most exposed areas, intensifies the concept of sturdiness and resistance. The result is a range of machines that are particularly efficient and robust in all applications.

Hydraulic activation offers countless competitive advantages over traditional systems using mechanical devices. The equipment in use can work in positions that go beyond the maximum angles allowed by the cardan shafts as there are no mechanical parts subject to breakage and, as a result, any recoil of the kinematic chain is excluded.

A further advantage: the operator can reverse the equipment’s rotation direction through a simple electrohydraulic control in the cab.

Countless attachments for the Treemme X series are ideal for forest maintenance operations. Image: Merlo Australia

Many machines in one

Countless hydraulically operated devices available for the Treemme X series enable forest-maintenance operations to be effective and profitable. There are shredders for the construction and maintenance of fire breaks and buffer zones for high-voltage power lines and gas pipelines. Systems are available for the reclamation of stony areas, extractors for removing plant roots after cutting, equipment for preparing the soil, soil reconditioners, and many other attachments, all rich in advanced technology.

All attachments can be equipped with quick-coupling hydraulic connectors. To learn more about the Treemme X series, log on to 

Image: Merlo Australia
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