Treelink – A Story Of Skills And Growth

Urban tree management specialist TreeLink may have initially started out with only the bare essentials, however the Sydney-based company has over the years expanded from its modest beginnings as a small two-man team with a ute and a trailer to encompass a highly qualified and experienced personnel and a growing fleet of equipment.

TreeLink (formerly Get Lopped Tree Services) was established in 2008, with founders Angus McGregor and Russell Cleaver having originally gained exposure to the industry during their days at Sydney University, at first working for another company and then subsequently starting the business in their final year of study.

“We have been involved in the industry now for over 13 years,” Angus told AA.

“It all began with a bit of casual ground work for an eastern suburbs-based company whilst we attended university.

“We started as an owner-operator setup with limited knowledge of the tree industry. Over the years it has grown to now include around 20 staff and contractors, and a range of specialised plant and equipment.”

Notably, TreeLink’s growth has been underpinned by the development and ongoing application of highly detailed and comprehensive procedures across its range of services, complemented by both the continuous review of its systems and seeking to recruit only the best staff.

This has, in turn, created a strong foundation from which TreeLink can constantly deliver high standards of workmanship, while maintaining safe work systems and reporting standards, contributing to ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction, and helping it to stand out in the market.

TreeLink – which provides a range of services for home owners, property managers, landscapers, local government and civil clients – has grown its business over the years largely through repeat and referral work, in addition to establishing solid relationships with a range of larger clients.

A varied service suite with a focus on tree preservation

TreeLink’s suite of services includes tree pruning, tree removals, land clearing, stump grinding, mulching and arborist reports, with its strong environmental culture centred around tree care and supporting the preservation of trees.

In this respect, TreeLink is primarily focused on employing methods to retain trees, rather than removing them, and in the event that a tree has to be removed, it recommends and provides options for planting new trees.

Bolstering its service offerings, ongoing staff training is also a strong focus for TreeLink, with its staff undergoing regular training to constantly improve their arboricultural knowledge, safety awareness and skills.

In addition to possessing AQF Level 2 to
5 arborist certificates, TreeLink’s staff also collectively hold a range of other relevant qualifications, from first aid to traffic control.

Meanwhile, with an AQF Level 5 arborist on its staff, TreeLink compiles arborist reports for both private and commercial clients, with it assisting with formal assessments for liability, safety or council purposes.

Angus told AA that TreeLink has been keeping busy in the first half of the year, with it having been involved with a number of different projects, while noting that 2021 has thus far presented a strong and fundamentally encouraging contrast to 2020.

“Recent projects we have been involved in include the South Coast bushfire clean-up and the Pacific Highway upgrade at Wahroonga,” he commented.

“It’s been a different kettle of fish when compared to last year that’s for sure! There seems to be a lot going on, so the outlook for this year so far is good.”

Bandit Model 21XP chipper reduces processing times
In tackling a range of different projects, each with varying requirements, Angus highlighted the importance of working with capable equipment that can be relied upon to get the job done. TreeLink presides over a fleet which includes eight trucks and four chippers.

“Having safe and reliable equipment is key to performing well on site,” he commented. “Not only does it make our crew’s job safer and easier, but our clients see the value in it too.”

Enhancing its capabilities, TreeLink has recently added the Bandit 21XP chipper to its fleet, with Angus describing it as “a beast of a machine”.

“We have been impressed with the increased size of material it can handle, as well as the greatly reduced processing times,” he said.

Bandit’s 21XP is rated at 21-inch capacity and runs a Cummins QSB6.7 turbo diesel engine providing 275hp (205kW) of power. It’s designed to process big logs, complete heads and smaller whole trees, and is equipped with an extra-wide chipper drum which is 37-inch in diameter. The infeed throat going into the chipper drum is massive at 26.25” high x 24.25” wide, well over the machine’s rated 21-inch capacity.

The infeed system features an oversized, 16-inch diameter top feed roller that is chain driven to multiply its pulling power, and an 11-inch diameter bottom feed roller. Both rollers are a super-sized 32-inches wide, allowing the chipper to process difficult forked material that other machines cannot handle.

“The heavy-duty feed system and added drum width makes the Model 21XP a real workhorse, reducing the need for trimming branches,” Bandit states. “Ideal for big take-downs and crane jobs, the Model 21XP is also available with a loader or a rubber-tracked undercarriage.”

Jake Hodges, from Bandit Equipment in NSW, told AA that in addition to the big Cummins engine, the Model 21XP’s standout features include a forestry-style discharge chute which make the machine basically unblockable, and dual hydraulic stabiliser at the rear of the machine. Jake observed that while TreeLink has only recently added the Model 21XP to its fleet, it’s already made a strong impression.

“So far TreeLink has been very impressed with the processing power and speed of the machine, the infeed opening size and the throwing power out of the discharge chute,” he said.

TreeLink grows its fleet, backed by strong performance capabilities and service support
Angus said that TreeLink has been using Bandit machines since the purchase of its first chipper, with it now running a number of machines across the scope of its operations, suitable for undertaking a range of projects.

In addition to the performance capabilities of Bandit machines, Angus pointed to the service support provided by Bandit as also being a very important consideration when purchasing machines.

“We have been using Bandit machines since our first chipper, which was a 1590XP,” he commented. “We currently run three others, ranging from a 12XP up to an 18HD. The strength built into Bandit’s machines and their ease of maintenance significantly reduces our machinery downtime.”

Jake told AA: “We have been working with TreeLink and supporting their machines since way back in 2011 and have worked even closer with them since their first new chipper purchase in 2015,” he said.

“Bandit is proud to support companies such as TreeLink, who are continuously looking to improve the Arboriculture industry with top-quality, safe and reliable processes and equipment.”

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