Tree cutting, Magni’s all-in-one solution for green maintenance

Tree cutting, Magni’s all-in-one solution for green maintenance, was designed to reduce – to one – the number of tools required to maximise efficiency and time maintaining green areas.


Magni’s Tree cutting is the result of in-depth research in the field of tree care. Every component maintains perfect harmony between all its elements and meets the needs of this sector, guaranteeing performance and efficiency.

The Tree cutting consists of a grip saw that allows cutting and handling the log in total safety. Manufactured from high-tensile, low-wear Hardox® steel, this attachment is extremely light, allowing all cutting and handling operations to be carried out with great ease.

The gripper is designed to ensure a firm grip and can handle a cutting diameter up to 75cm. Thanks to the Power Tiltator, the gripper ensures 360° rotation, allowing gripping the branch or tree to be cut from any position or angle.

Highly rugged and durable, the springmounted saw box prevents the saw blade bending due to force acting on it. The cutting mechanism consists of a high-tensile blade that is easily accessible for maintenance and is little susceptible to dirt. This minimises maintenance and wear, saves time and maximises productivity.

Since work is not just performed at ground level, the chain is lubricated with grease. Compared to oil lubrication, this avoids oil misting, which would spoil the working area and the cab windscreen. The grease stays on the chain much longer, minimising wear and maintenance.

Thanks to the automatic chain tensioner, the chain always has the right tension, regardless of whether the machine has just been started up or has been in operation for several hours. This means that the working process is not interrupted by a chain coming off.

The boom and its sections are protected from dust thanks to a metal plate mounted into each of the boom hollows, and additional gaskets at the end of every boom section. Image: All Lift Forklifts

All in one

Available for the RTH range, this kit is designed specifically to make the work of the operator simple and efficient. Because of its features, it is used to maintain roadsides, trails and paths on all kinds of flat and steep terrain.

For this forestry kit Magni TH developed a special remote control which allows controlling all normal cab operations and specific movements of the attachment, making the job safer and more efficient. The colour display shows all boom geometric data to the user on the ground, greatly increasing operator safety.

Moreover, the Italian company created two dedicated options to use this attachment to its full potential…
• Pre arrangement for the Tree cutting device consisting of a series of special cab equipment: protection grid on the windshield, additional rollers on the joysticks for tree cutting operations, cameras with protections and a dedicated HD screen in the cab, front and rear cab working lights and a special filter featuring F7 filter class (CEN EN 779), and
• Boom protection for the Tree cutting device in dusty environments protects the boom and its sections thanks to a metal plate mounted into each of the boom hollows, and additional gaskets at the end of every boom section. This prevents sawdust and debris from entering the boom sections.

Magni’s Tree cutting has been designed with detailed knowledge of the needs of this sector and is thus the ideal all-in-one solution for green maintenance.

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Image: All Lift Forklifts
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