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Tree Care Machinery Brand New Website

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The wait is finally over! Shop online with Tree Care Machinery in 2019.

Tree Care Machinery (TCM) has launched its brand new e-commerce website that allows customers to purchase or enquire about machinery, arborist equipment, accessories, services and more.

2019 has seen TCM begin to build a strong online presence by increasing efforts on social media and launching their new online store. For too long customers have had to find their way to TCM’s premises in Melrose Park, South Australia, in order to collect any products they desire. This year, TCM customers are able to order at the touch of a button. Whether you’re at home, on the job or doing some weekend shopping from the couch, TCM products will always be available online.

What Will You Find On The New Website?

TCM stocks reputable brands such as Bandit, Husqvarna, Silky, Hydralada, Hansa, Monitor, Petzl, DMM, Samson, Teufelberger, Reecoil, Safe Eyes, Sawpod and more. You will also find an extensive range of new arborist equipment that TCM has imported from around the world.

The website allows you to easily browse the TCM product range, find useful information on machinery and equipment maintenance, access their video library or just find out more about a particular product or service. TCM aims to provide value for money, so their prices are very competitive. Should you spend $400 or more, TCM will cover the cost of delivery (excluding bulky items). One product you will find on their new website is the all new wood chipper knife box. After years of research, development and testing, the knife box is finally ready to be released to the industry and at a similar price to any knife boxes currently available.

The new knife box offers safe storage of sharp blade, is easy to carry, stands up for better storage and uses a high grade PPUV stable plastic that increases longevity and combats the effects of time in the sun. Not only can the new knife box fit more knives but the handle allows you to carry two boxes at once.

The small knife box is $35 and the large is $45, but when paired with multiple sets of knives, the box comes free.

TCM is continuing to grow both online and off as a part of their commitment to helping make their customers lives easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.

For more information visit www.treecaremach.com.au

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