Bandit’s ZT1844 stump grinder has been selling up a storm in recent months, and one Arborist who chose Bandit’s green machine is Travis Garden from the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Trav’s Trees has over a decade of experience in the tree game and has owned a few different grinders over the years. We wanted to know why he chose the Bandit machine – what’s good about it and what he would like to see improved?

Tell us about your  Bandit ZT1844 grinder.

It’s really narrow at only 29” (73cm) wide and gets through a standard doorway. It’s fitted with the 38hp Kohler fuel injected engine and is mounted on wide tracks for great traction.

How has the Bandit improved your business? 

It’s allowed us to get larger stumps done without having to get in a contractor. This has saved us serious money and we finish the trees and stumps all at once, so we get paid much faster.

What is the best features of the ZT1844?

The boys can get it in just about anywhere. We also love the Greenteeth on the cutter wheel. We can spin them around three times before they need sharpening and with only eight teeth they are quick and easy to change.

How do you find the machine’s usability and maneuverability?

Awesome. It has a single joystick control which took us about ten minutes to master and now we love it. The track drive is great. Lots of power. Can’t fault it.

And on the stump; does it cut OK?

Better than OK. It destroys stumps much better than a compact machine ever should. Pine, palm, dead hardwoods, all no worries.

What about maintenance?

I really like the belt drive set up. All the tensioning is done with two big idler pulleys; no moving engines and jack shafts like on other machines. The cutter wheel bearings are massive and should last ages.

What made you pick  Bandit Tree Equipment?

I run Bandit chippers and know that they look after their customers really well. Once I had a demo of the grinder I knew it was for me. Great machine with top after sales support.


Anything you would like  to see changed?         

Yes! Can I have another one? 🙂

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