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Transform Waste Wood

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With the cost of disposing of wood increasing, the opportunity to process tree waste into saleable split timber has huge potential to create a valuable revenue stream.

Whitlands Engineering is the only name you need to know when it comes to firewood processing – designing and manufacturing Australia’s most trusted brands – Superaxe, and Rex. Australian owned and Australian made, Whitlands Engineering has earned its reputation as a leader in the industry. CEO David Burder says: “We’ve been providing machines to the farm forestry sector and arbour industry for over 20 years – the durability, ease of use and productivity of all our machines means they are the first choice for many companies seeking to exploit the profit potential in tree waste and plantation timber”.

The range of machinery covers all bases. The Superaxe wood splitter range suits farm and small commercial operations, while the Rex range provides solutions to bulk and industrial firewood processing. The Rex Firewood Processor range and the Rex Log Saw range are the result of many years’ research and development and have been met with industry acclaim. A range of wood cleaning trommels, infeed hoppers and outfeed elevators rounds out the range, providing options for wood handling requirements.

For businesses looking to invest, two key factors in machinery selection are:

Safety: The safety of machinery operators is critical. The key issue for the arbor industry is that if an employee uses a non-compliant machine and injures themselves, it is the company that is most likely liable, not the manufacturer. The same applies for machines which have been tampered with. In which case the company can be fined for owning a tampered machine even if there is no actual injury. Both Superaxe and Rex ranges are WorkCover compliant and have set benchmark standards across the industry when it comes to ensuring operator safety.

Output Efficiency: Mulching excess timber may be quick but the sale price is low compared to split timber. The key for business then is to maximise output and minimise labour in order to generate a profitable return on investment. The Superaxe WS3150 has an estimated output (from blocked timber to split firewood) of 4 cubic meters an hour. The larger Rex 600X can manage 10 cubic meters an hour with two operators. Both of these machines are road towable, compact and reliable, making them top options for processing blocks into split timber on site.

So, for arbour operators looking to develop additional revenue streams, the Whitlands Engineering range of wood splitters and processors is definitely the ideal place to get started.

For more information visit www.superaxe.com.au.

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