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Bushwood Training Academy’s first ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ training course was held at Kuitpo Forest, SA, with the collaboration of the Department of Environment.

Bushwood Training Academy (BTA) delivered their first official ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ course for 2019 last month.

The training took place onsite in Kuitpo Forest with staff from the Department of Environment. BTA were fortunate enough to secure such a prime training location thanks to their growing relationship with ForestrySA. The onsite delivery is part of BTA’s commitment to be a mobile training provider, so you can go to them or they can come to you.

“Fantastic trainers, exceptional industry experience and clear instructions given.” “ – Corry Rounsevell

Enrolment forms and pre-reading were distributed and filled in the week prior to the training day. BTA did this in order to maximise the amount of time participants were able to spend learning and engaging with both trainers and equipment.

Elite Training And Elite Staff Driving Elite Standards

The course was delivered by three trainers from industry, Tom Fleming (Arborist), Tom Stevens (Arborist) and Garth Jones (Workshop Manager at Tree Care Machinery). BTA trainers offer a wide range of experience and extensive knowledge of climbing, lowering and rigging, felling, ground-based work, arborist equipment and machinery. Three Bandit wood chippers were used on the day, one provided by Tree Care Machinery and two provided by the participants (Department of Environment).

BTA supplied coffee, tea, juice and fruit on arrival as well as morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea throughout the course. This is offered during all BTA courses in order to give students the maximum amount of time with trainers, equipment and assessment material.

The day was completed with a winch demonstration at the request of the Department of Environment management. BTA acknowledged this and ensured they allowed enough time at the end of the day to go over the essentials of winch operation.

BTA would like to congratulate all participants who completed the ‘Operate a Mobile Chipper/Mulcher’ course and welcome them as the first members of the BTA Alumni. BTA is committed to providing after sales support so they encourage participants to reach out and contact any of their trainers if they are ever unsure about how to execute work safely.

Bushwood Training Academy would like to extend their thanks to Dean and the team at ForestrySA for helping make the day possible

To book a course with Bushwood Training Academy or make an enquiry, contact them on (08) 8374 0586 or email sales@bushwoodtraining.com.au

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