Total Tree Control

Forest Centre adds Total Tree Control by GMT Equipment to their range of attachments.

Having represented brands such as Hultdins since the early days of mechanised logging in Australia, equipment supplier Forest Centre has built a solid reputation supporting some of the most widely used attachments in the forest industry including SuperGrip bunching log grapples and SuperCut hydraulic chainsaw systems.

The Forest Centre product stable of attachments has steadily grown, today covering a huge range of working tasks and machine sizes both in and out of the forest.

For those working in urban areas or along roadsides and waterways, for example, attachments from TMK Tree Shear and GMT Equipment felling grapples bring cutting capacity to nearly any standard excavator which may have already been utilised for other tasks on the work site such as loading trucks or feeding chippers.

GMT Equipment launched a new product that they’re particularly excited about.

“It combines the ease of operation afforded by a dangle type rotating grapple saw with patented technology that also allows the operator to freeze the tilting motion of the grapple after a tree section has been cut by the built-in hydraulic chainsaw unit. It is unique in its capacity, as both a fixed and flexible grapple saw,” explains Forest Centre Sales Manager Rey Kell.

GMT’s new system, called Total Tree Control, allows a limb or trunk section to be cut and withdrawn from the work area in the same orientation, while the “brakes” can be released at the touch of a button for steady tilting downward when the load is positioned safely closer to the ground or into a waiting truck.

For more info on their current range you can follow Forest Centre’s social media channels on Facebook and Instagram or get in touch via their website

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