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Toro’s Compact Handlebar Stump Grinders

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The expert in small spaces

Toro’s compact handlebar stump grinders are designed to access hard to reach stumps.

Toro thrives on innovation. This rich legacy is alive every day as they strive to develop exciting new products and technologies to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency. This passion and experience has led them to develop high-quality equipment for tree care and landscape construction industry, with products that make your work as simple and effortless as possible – so you can get on with the job.

Toro offers the tree care industry a range of versatile stump grinders fit for any job large or small. Toro‘s SGR handlebar grinders are great for grinding small stumps in areas with tight access. Well-balanced, easy to operate and simple to maintain, they provide some of the smoothest cutting performance of any handlebar stump grinders on the market.

Toro SGR-6

Got a stump that’s hard to reach, the SGR-6 is a compact and manoeuvrable machine that’s easy to use and maintain. 12 tungsten, carbide-tipped teeth handle the most

difficult stumps, and Toro’s Quadrublade™ cutting technology offers a smooth cutting performance. The tooth design cuts like a router without “pulling” the operator into a stump and the cutter blades are easy to access. The grinder has lift handles that fold for easy compact transport in the back of a Ute, SUV or trailer.

Toro SGR-13

Got a tough job, the SGR-13 handlebar stump grinder will handle it. An expert  in small spaces the SGR-13 is a well- balanced machine that takes less muscle to move around. It offers lift handles for easy loading and the Greenteeth design allows easy maintenance of teeth and doesn’t require re-sharpening as well as being less costly to replace. Rubber gaskets between components result in less operator vibration. The SGR-13 is powered by a 13 HP Honda® engine with a heavy-duty centrifugal clutch, so this little beast will get your job done.

Toro’s handlebar stump grinders are experts in small spaces.

Available at your local Toro dealer today or visit www.toroconstruction.com.au for more information

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