TMK Tree Shear Simply Efficient

Forest Centre has announced the release of the TMK Tree Shear new Evo 2 TMK Turbo and is looking forward to launching their new line of attachments in 2021.

The story of TMK Tree Shear got a kickstart in Finland, when a disappointed contractor and farmer, Tenho Koponen was facing a problem yet again. There was no tree shears reliable enough on the market that he could utilise and take care of his forest with, especially when his excavators were staying idle during the always harsh Finnish winter. Tenho started building and the final result was the TMK 300, the first guillotine shear of its kind that was born in 2009.

Thanks to its cost-efficient simplicity combined with a light and robust low maintenance design, now, 10 years later the company has delivered more than 2700 units in total to over 30 countries, including the original designs siblings, TMK 200 and 400.

TMK established its own headquarters and factory in November 2019 in Hankasalmi, Finland. Currently employing over 23 people and heavily investing in R&D, the company has designed and launched the widest array of attachments and cylinders in the Tree Shear market, including its patented “TMK Turbo” two stage telescopic cylinder available for all models.

Newest attachments include the likes of BrushGrapple and Stump Spray.

BrushGrapple provides the ability to cut down even the small and nimble brushes easily without tearing them from the ground. Stump Spray on the other hand provides the ability to easily fight against parasites and fungi, such as Heterobasidion and root rot.

Especially in the mini and compact excavator range, the smaller TMK 200 and its wide array of attachments is now proving its popularity with confident 200mm capacity cuts by utilising the same cylinders as its bigger counterpart, the TMK 300 – all while keeping its base weight under 200kg.

Heading into the end of 2020, the company is now about to launch the Evo 2 version of the patented TMK Turbo and a completely new line of attachments to widen the product range, while looking at growing the range even more during the upcoming year of 2021.

With everything that the company does, it strives to maintain its original values of being “Simply efficient” and “Growing with your work”.

Learn more about TMK Tree Shear by contacting their Australian dealer, Forest Centre, online at or calling their team on (02) 6947 2833.

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