Timberwolf Tracked 2022 Chipper Range

There are several occasions when arborists, contractors and landscapers find that a road tow chipper is not ideally suited to perform the job in hand.

If you need to work off-road (often some distance from the nearest road and where ground conditions are difficult including uneven terrain, soft ground or access is a problem), a road tow chipper is either very limited in where you can get it to or just not viable at all.

Tracked chippers are the answer to these jobs and Timberwolf, the UK’s market leading wood chipper manufacturer makes a full range of tracked chippers packed with innovations, benefits and features to suit all applications Whether your work entails growth clearance and control on railways, power lines, waterways, forest firebreaks, under forest canopies, or similar, there is a Timberwolf tracked chipper to suit.

Timberwolf, established in 1986, has been making tracked chippers since 2004 and has a wealth of experience in this field, delivering machines that have been developed through working with customers to give them the performance, usability, and reliability they need for this type of work.

There are three models in the tracked range offering 6″ and 8″ chipping capacity with Kubota diesel engines. The model TW 230VTR has 6″ chipping capacity and features two tracking speeds; the operator can select low speed for negotiating uneven terrain and manoeuvring the chipper into position and high speed when you need to track long distances, covering the ground in good time.

A retractable riding platform gives the operator the choice of either riding on the chipper or walking behind it. The smooth and progressive, ergonomically designed tracking controls are conveniently placed within two handrails ensuring the operator always has a safe and firm hold whilst being able to comfortably operate the controls without suffering hand fatigue.

Vibration levels on Timberwolf tracked chippers are the lowest in class thanks to smooth running track tread patterns and effective insulation from the chassis and riding platform – important considerations in reducing HAV.

The TW 230VTR also has variable width tracking. This feature allows the tracks to be retracted reducing the width of the machine to 1.1m and the feed funnel to be quickly and easily removed via the ‘quickly detachable’ fittings for negotiating narrow access points.

The model TW 280TFTR shares the features and benefits of the TW 230VTR, but with 8” chipping capacity and a fixed width tracking system.

The model TW 280TVGTR has 8″ chipping capacity and features a variable gradient tracking system. Through the WolfTrack™ dynamic track control system, a combination of track settings can be achieved to suit all conditions. With the tracks fully extended, the body can be raised to clear ground obstacles or lowered to achieve class leading stability through a low centre of gravity. The body can also be tilted to either side in combination with track extension/retraction to suit the gradient being worked on. Twin legs ensure great strength and excellent forward/aft stability.

All Timberwolf tracked chippers can be specified with a factory fitted electric recovery winch at an extra cost.

For prices and availability or to arrange a demonstration, contact your nearest Timberwolf distributor.

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