Tigercat mulchers

Tigercat mulchers, now available through dealer Onetrak, offer the comfort and productivity the ever-evolving land-management industry demands.

Tigercat mulchers includes two wheeled versions, the M726G and the 760B, alongside a tracked version, the M480B. These machines prove their versatility in applications such as pipeline cleaning, shrubbery and regrowth clearance, powerline rightof- way projects, land subdivision, golf course maintenance, site preparation, and controlled fire hazard reduction.

The versatile mulchers promise to deliver power, efficiency, and reliability, addressing the demands of challenging terrains and time-sensitive projects.

Power in tough terrains: The M480B

The M480B mulcher, classified as a 411kW (550hp) class carrier, stands out as an ideal solution for tough terrains, soft soil conditions, and demanding duty cycles. It is an ideal carrier for largescale clearing and right-of-way projects.

Key features of the M480B mulcher include a responsive closed-loop track drive system and heavy-duty track frames and mounting system. The machine incorporates an automatic variable speed fan for improved fuel economy, a reversing cycle to combat airborne dust and debris, and Tigercat’s renowned heavy-duty build quality for reliability and reliable uptime in timesensitive projects.

Operator comfort is prioritised with features like a quiet, climatecontrolled operator’s station, a tilting cab for additional access to components, and an extreme-duty, heated and cooled, air-ride seat.

High horsepower for precision clean-up: The 760B

In the wheeled category, the 760B mulcher takes the lead as the largest wheeled mulcher, boasting a 420kW (569hp) class carrier. Ideal for silviculture site preparation and postharvest clean-up, this model achieves quick working speeds and offers a wide swath for high production. Equipped with Tigercat’s FPT engine, the 760B also showcases the boom float system, ensuring that the mulching head automatically follows terrain contours, ensuring precision in tough terrains, slopes, and gullies.

The 760B mulcher’s design features a durable Tigercat construction, a heavy-duty front chassis and boom system, and Tigercat-designed axles, transmission, and pump drive gearbox for proven reliability. Operator convenience is evident in the design: large doors for easy access to daily service points, and a quiet, climatecontrolled operator’s station. The standard rear-view camera system further enhances the operator experience and site safety.

The M480B is an ideal solution for tough terrains, soft soil conditions, and demanding duty cycles. Image: Tigercat

Consistency across the range: Tigercat mulching heads

Tigercat mulchers are equipped with Tigercat’s 4061-30 mulching heads. These heads, boasting a width of up to 3m, are belt-driven with twin drive motors, variable displacement, replaceable teeth, and wear liners throughout. This ensures the performance, uptime, and confidence required for large-scale right-of-way and site preparation applications, as well as silviculture site preparation work and stump grinding.

Tigercat is committed to meeting the evolving needs of the land management industry. The M726G, M480B, and 760B models bring enhanced capabilities, operator comfort, and efficiency to the forefront, setting the standard for mulching machinery in Australia and beyond.

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Image: Onetrak
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