Game breaker – First Tigercat factory fitted Coppice Spray System

First Tigercat factory fitted Coppice Spray System demonstrated in Australia.

Tigercat was challenged with factory fitting an integrated herbicide application system that would not adversely affect the normal productivity on their market leading 855E DT2003 Feller Buncher.

The system was first locally developed in Australia by Tigercat and Onetrak with valuable input and knowledge from local customers. The result is now a fully factory fitted Coppice Spray System (or Herbicide Spraying System) using premium components for long-term reliability and efficiency.

The first factory fitted system on an 855E DT2003 Feller Buncher was recently tested in-field and showcased to forestry contractors on a blue gum clear fell operation site in Western Australia.

The machine was tested by LV Dohnt in Albany, WA. LV Dohnt’s operator Loui noted that the cab was comfortable, he had more view from the latest E series cab than the 855D that he currently operates. He liked the rear camera and found the machine very smooth. Loui also liked that the machine’s multi-functioning as he was able to run all functions at once on this unit a little better compared to the 855D. Another advantage noted by Loui was that the machine and spray system is computer controlled and it is one complete unit.

The customers that attended the demonstration were impressed with the neat fitment of the components of the spray system and how it integrated with the machine. The fact that you can adjust the timing and volume of the system by simply adjusting it on the screen in the cab is a very good feature that the customers found very innovative and easy to use. Further to that the customers commented on the coverage achieved by the machine on the stumps, as the forest companies have a KPI of coverage that have to be achieved and the machine was well able to achieve these KPIs.

The application spray is easily adjustable on the touch-screen computer system in the cab so the operator can monitor and change the spray volume and duration to get an effective and even spray pattern using the unique through the blade spray system technology. The delivery system aims to minimise spillage and wastage all while providing the perfect volume of herbicide for an efficient application during the normal cutting cycle with little effect on productivity.

The well-proven Tigercat 855E DT2003 features the Tigercat FPT N67 Engine emissions compliant clean powerful and efficient. The patented and world-leading ER boom technology improves fuel efficiency, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. Along with a comfortable ergonomic cab design and with excellent all-round visibility and automotive style finish the full-length front window and additional floor windows for clear sight-line to the tracks makes manoeuvrability a breeze.

Tigercat Feller Bunchers offer superior build quality, greater hydraulic efficiency, market-leading cooling, better operator ergonomics and easier access to components and daily service points than competing branded machines. The result is greater uptime and higher productivity which are essential in time sensitive forest harvesting projects.

Tigercat Industries along with Onetrak can play a vital role in felling, bunching and stump spraying application in plantation eucalyptus harvesting.

The Tigercat 855E with DT2003 shear felling head and stump spraying unit is a game breaker in this growing application.

It is a great example of Tigercat’s ongoing dedication and commitment to develop and manufacture forestry equipment designed to provide the lowest cost per tonne harvesting solutions.

As a customer driven company with strong engineering capabilities, Tigercat thrives on the design and continuous improvement of forestry and off road machinery – this is another testament to Tigercat always listening to their customers around the globe and implementing ideas and solutions specifically designed to local requirements.

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