The Versalift VST40 EWP

The Versalift VST40 EWP is empowering arborists with a leap forward in tree-care efficiency.

As a dedicated provider of solutions tailored to the unique needs of arborists, Monitor Lifts is excited to introduce a groundbreaking innovation set to redefine tree-care operations – the Versalift VST40 Elevated Work Platform (EWP).

Designed with arboricultural challenges and aspirations in mind, this remarkable equipment from Monitor Vehicles is poised to revolutionise the approach to tree care.

Elevating capabilities

Tree care is not just a profession. It’s a calling that requires skill, precision, and a deep understanding of nature. The Versalift VST40 EWP is a product born of this understanding, designed to empower arborists in their quest for excellence.

Key features that make this equipment a game-changer include:
• Impressive reach: the VST40 EWP provides a remarkable working height of up to 45 feet, allowing access to previously hard-to-reach branches and canopies. Its horizontal reach of over 29 feet means it can tackle a wider range of tree shapes and sizes with ease
• Enhanced efficiency: with a platform capacity of 200kg, the VST 40 can carry not just the operator, but all the necessary tools and equipment directly to the job site, significantly reducing the need for repeated trips up and down the tree
• Precise control: Versalift has prioritised user-friendly controls. These controls allow positioning arborist and equipment with unprecedented precision, ensuring even the most delicate tree-care tasks are executed with finesse
• Durability: built to withstand the rigors of arborist work, the VST40 EWP is a robust and reliable investment. Its durability is a testament to the equipment’s longevity and the savings it offers in the long run. The VST40 is paired with the Hino 500 automatic cab chassis and comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel tray and cabin protection, making the investment a durable one
• Safety first: safety is paramount in arbor work. The VST40 EWP is equipped with essential safety features, including an emergency lowering system to prevent operators from being stranded at height, and an anti-entrapment system, safeguarding against accidental injuries.

Built to withstand the rigors of arborist work, the VST40 EWP is a robust and reliable investment. Image: Monitor Lifts

Maximising operations

The Versalift VST40 EWP is not just a piece of equipment; it is a strategic investment in arboriculture success. It’s set to have a profound impact on daily operations. With its impressive reach, the VST40 EWP enables access to previously unattainable areas of trees, saving unnecessary removals, and arborists can say goodbye to frequent ascents and descents as the VST40 EWP minimises these interruptions and allows focussing on the task at hand, streamlining workflow and making operations more efficient.

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The Versalift VST40 EWP is a partner in achieving new heights in tree-care efficiency and safety. An arborist deserves tools dedicated to the arboriculture craft, and the VST40 EWP is that tool.

Monitor Vehicles is proud to present this innovative solution, and is committed to supporting aborists’ journies towards safer, more efficient, and effective arborist operations. The Versalift VST40 EWP is a remarkable addition to any toolkit, a beacon of progress and ingenuity in the field of arboriculture.

Take this opportunity to elevate your tree-care operations and embrace the future of arbor work with the Versalift VST40 EWP. It’s time to climb higher, reach further, and achieve greater heights.

For further information please visit or phone 0437020599.

Image: Monitor Lifts


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