The Safe And Stable SA18HB Spider Lift

RUTHMANN Bluelift produces safe and reliable elevated work platforms that are simple and easy to use.

The Italian spider lift manufacturer was originally founded by the Marti family in 2004. Ahern Australia is the exclusive distributor for the full line of Italian lifts in Australia. These Italian-made spider lifts feature advanced technology, lightweight designs and high performance.

No job is out of reach with the RUTHMANN Bluelift SA18HB tracked spider lift – designed for close proximity and rough terrain. Popular among arborists in Australia, this model is ideal for many maintenance tasks thanks to its narrow width and lightweight design.

With a maximum working height of 17.8m and maximum horizontal outreach up to 9.3m, this tracked spider lift can easily reach high elevations. A self-stabilizing system locks the spider lift into place for safe work at height. For added protection, interlocking outriggers help the spider lift maintain balance on all terrain. Hydraulically operated articulating outriggers can be set at individual heights. It is also designed to be lightweight and easily transported between jobs. With an overall weight of 2200 kg, the SA18HB can be towed by truck or trailer. The low machine weight allows this spider lift to operate on soft or sensitive surfaces.

A tight inside turning radius allows the SA18HB to manoeuvre in and around confined spaces such as between trees or buildings. Both narrow and compact, Bluelift spider platforms are also designed to be lightweight and easily transported between jobs.

Using a radio remote control with multilingual display, operators easily move the SA18HB around the jobsite. This allows operators to guide the machine in tight spaces, between obstacles as well as climb stairs from a detached handheld remote. Equipped as standard, the SA18HB also has a hydraulic chassis adjustment where the width of the rubber track chassis can hydraulically be adjusted.

Ahern Australia carries the full line of Bluelift spider lifts including the C12/6.5, C12/6.5H and C12/6.5 HB; C13; SA11 and SA11P; SA16; SA18; SA22; SA26; and SA31. Bluelift spider lifts are sold and serviced for customers throughout Australia.

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