The Right Spider Lift with a Hire-To-Buy Deal

Interested in the possibility of adding a spider lift to your arbor operation but not 100 per cent sure that it is the right decision?

Monitor Lifts now have an option to let you try before you buy. The most popular spider models are available for hire at very economical prices. These machines come nicely set up on a trailer allowing them to be easily towed behind a ute or small truck. They come complete with safety harnesses and stabiliser pads ready to go straight to work.

Being very compact and rough terrain capable, spider lifts have the ability to access all sorts of difficult locations allowing them to get you into most trees with ease. Their narrow width and low stowed height gets them down paths, under carports and through gates. And the long travel of their stabiliser legs lets you set them up on uneven ground.

Their low weight means they can be easily towed, keeping transport costs very minimal. This light weight also means you can track them across customer’s yards without causing damage to their nice lawns.

Most spider lift owners say they could never be without one again, and maybe you will say the same thing after using one for a few weeks!

The nice thing about this offering is it gives you the opportunity to trial a spider lift in an economical risk-free manner. If you find that it isn’t the right thing for you, then you can simply return it and move on. However, if you do find it is a great solution for safe and quick access, then you can continue on with the hire. Or if you prefer, at any time you can purchase it, and you can even get a refund of 50 per cent of what you have paid in hire!

For further information and pricing call Monitor Lifts on 1800 025 024, or email

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