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The Right Fit

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Using the right tool for the right job is a common saying and applies to several different areas including Monitor Lifts’ line of work: specialised lifts.

For any lifting job, there is a right tool (or machine) to do the job. For example, you wouldn’t use a Winlet 350 to do the job of a Platform Basket 1575, that just wouldn’t make sense. Monitor Lifts is home to a multitude of product types:

  • Spider Lifts
  • Jack Boom Lifts
  • Rail Boom Lifts
  • Glass Handling Robots
  • Spider Cranes

And there are others as well. Monitor Lifts has a very broad product range and understanding which products are right for the job you have is of extreme importance.

Monitor Lifts’ Winlet range is for glass and similar material movement and installation, while the spider lifts (Leguan, Platform Basket and Omme) are EWPs designed for safely lifting personnel to access the desired work zones, such as tree trimming, shoppingcentre maintenance, construction, etc. The ‘spider’ style of the legs mean they can work on uneven terrain and slopes, making them very versatile for the difficult access applications. So, when looking at these two different products types from Monitor, you can see that choosing the right tool for the right job is imperative.

Their product range also expands to Jack Boom Lifts and Rail Boom Lifts, so again you can see how different lifts are suitable for different jobs. Jack Boom lifts are designed specifically for use on slopes, where a conventional boom lift would be totally unsafe and out of place. And then Rail Boom Lifts are the best product to use in cases involving railway work and maintenance.

And most recently, Monitor’s range has just expanded to include the Hoeflon spider crane range. While their lifts are designed for lifting people, their cranes are now here to help lift objects in the smaller spaces a typical crane could not.

Why risk safety issues of lifting products yourself when you could include one of these state-of-the-art machines?

Why use a 200t mobile crane to reach a huge distance, when you can get in closer to the work zone with a Monitor Spider Crane? Save on costs, and increase efficiency, by working smarter, not harder.

These are just some comparative examples to highlight the importance of choosing the right tool for the right job. To find out what product type would best suit you, choosing the right tool for the right jobs can impact safety, efficiency and management in areas where lifting is needed. When choosing your lifting machines, focus on what you need from them and which one will be right for your needs.

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