The Insulated Hybrid EWP is here!

Aerial Access is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Insulated Hybrid Elevated Work Platform (EWP) in the Australian market. After over 18 months of meticulous manufacturing and development, the team at Aerial Access is proud to declare the wait is finally over — the Insulated Hybrid EWP works!


The flagship model in the lineup is the Versalift TEL29-EIH, which boasts an impressive working height of 10.36 metres and a horizontal reach of 6.71 metres.

The unit is distinguished by its advanced subframe assembly, housing eight discreetly concealed batteries. This ingenious configuration enables operators to experience a virtually silent operational mode when powered by the Electric Power Take-Off (PTO), invaluable in various scenarios, including early morning start-ups, late-night incident call outs, high-traffic areas, and private-property operations during night shifts.

An advanced subframe assembly houses eight discreetly concealed batteries.
No worries

It is important to note the Insulated Hybrid EWP is not fully electric; rather, it operates on a hybrid system. Crews can continue operating for an entire day without interruption, thanks to the hydraulic PTO and the diesel power of the Hino 300 cab chassis. This addresses a significant concern when adopting new technology: how long will it last? And what happens if it runs out of power?

Aerial Access’ hybrid design mitigates such worries.

The impressive Versalift SST37- EIH setup features a working height of 12.8 metres and a horizontal reach of 8.5 metres,
Available now

The team at Aerial Access is brimming with excitement as these cutting-edge units become available for full-time operations. The company remains committed to further testing and gathering valuable feedback, aiming to not only enhance the current models, but also lay the groundwork for future variations and additional options. Manufacturing efforts are in full swing as Aerial Access forges ahead to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

Aerial Access is revolutionising the EWP sector in Australia with the Insulated Hybrid EWP.
Shaping the future

With the Insulated Hybrid EWP, Aerial Access is revolutionising the EWP sector in Australia. The company remains dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products that deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Aerial Access continues to shape the future of the EWP industry.

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