The Go-To Name for chippers

Timberwolf Chippers, a newcomer to Australia. Market leaders in Europe.

CJ & LH Wiesner, a family owned and operated business with a 40-year history is a name that is well known to its customers and the wider industries it serves. Known for providing excellent customer service and aftersales support, it was this depth of experience that led to them being awarded the distributorship of Timberwolf Chippers.

To a lot of people in Australian arboriculture Timberwolf will be a new name to the industry, but to thousands of professionals in Great Britain and Europe Timberwolf is the go-to name in wood chipping with the history, reliability and back up to partner with any business, big or small.

36 years ago, way back in 1986, Entec Industries, the company that would later become Timberwolf, launched the first commercially designed 6″ gravity fed chipper. Known as the “chipit”, this machine revolutionised the industry in the UK.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s the company continued to expand and innovate. 1995 saw the release of the first hydraulicly fed lightweight 6″ chipper.

This again was a major leap forward in performance and productivity. 1998 saw the 1,000th chipper sold, while in 1999 Entec became Timberwolf and the first of the eponymous orange chippers was sold. With a bold new identity, sales continued to grow and by 2001 Timberwolf had sold 2,000 chippers.

The 2000s saw a steady growth in sales, a new factory in 2002 and a fourfold increase in production by 2007.

By 2008 Timberwolf was the most popular brand of wood chipper in the UK market – a position they continue to hold not just in Great Britain but throughout Europe.

Today, having sold more than 13,000, Timberwolf exports to 30 countries, continuing to support the industry with reliable easy to use and easy to maintain machines. Backed by a three year warranty, locally owned aftersales support, you can be confident a Timberwolf will get the job done.

For more information or to book a demo, call Simon on 0477 885 922.

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