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1890 Spider Lift The Game Changer

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Proven for 10 years in Australia, reliable, simple to use, go where others can’t, with the Monitor 1890 Spider Lift.

The Monitor 1890 Spider Lift has maintained its position as Australia’s most popular Spider Lift since it was launched in 2009 – 10 years ago. There are hundreds of 1890 Spider Lifts working across Australia and New Zealand, and with the following features and benefits, it’s no wonder why.

This model is available in various configurations, with a choice of Honda petrol or Kubota diesel engines, 240 volt electric motor, or even a lithium battery pack for fast, yet almost silent operation (more on this later).

Both Variants Come Standard With:

  • 18m working height
  • 9m horizontal working outreach
  • 200 kg SWL, with 2 man capacity
  • Stows to an incredible 790mm width for very narrow access
  • Removable platform (reduces length and width for extremely tight access)
  • Expandable tracks that extend out-and-down for increased ground clearance and better departure angle off-road
  • Only 1.9m tall for driving through low areas
  • Smooth hydraulic proportional controls for all functions, with ability to operate several functions simultaneously
  • Clever outrigger design for setup on large slopes or over obstacles
  • 360° rotation / slew
  • Platform rotation
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Engine auto throttle

The 1890 Pro version has some very nice upgrades including Radio remote control (no curly cords or leads!), Auto-level for the stabiliser legs, and 2-speed drive for fast manoeuvring. The radio control unit is very ergonomic and simple to use. All functions are fully proportional. The functions speeds are nice and fast if desired, making for quick set up times and productive work times.

Another beauty of the 1890 Spider Lift is it is available on a tandem axle steel plant trailer, allowing you to tow the package behind almost any ute or small truck.

Choice of 1-man or 2-man baskets are available – sometimes a narrow basket (780mm wide) makes for better access into tighter areas.

Now, back to the Lithium batteries: this feature can be a real game changer when positioning the machine in and around buildings where noise is to be kept to a minimum. The beauty of Lithium is how fast it charges, how long a full charge lasts, and also the fact it is maintenance free, unlike standard batteries. Monitor Lifts have sold many Spider Lifts over the last 6 years with Lithium batteries, and are well experienced in this field.

Non-marking rubber tracks are also often fitted to the Monitor 1890 Spider Lifts to allow operation on fragile surfaces, concrete and paving, and removes the risk of leaving black track marks where you travel.

Monitor Lifts have superb after sales and parts / technical support throughout Australia and New Zealand. With brand new premises in both Sydney and Melbourne, and authorised service dealers in all other major centres, the friendly Monitor team are here to help you in any way possible – call them now on freecall 1800 025 024, visit www.monitor.net.au or email [email protected]

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