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The 3315 Spider Lift Up, Over And Out

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The 3315 Spider Lift from Monitor rules the roost when it comes to Tracked EWPs!

With its dual telescopic knuckle boom configuration the 3315 Spider Lift from Monitor allows 17 meters of up-and-over reach, 15 meters of horizontal reach, and max work height topping out at 33 meters.

Scanreco radio control operation for all functions, with class leading features such as “auto-stow / go-home” and “auto-level” make the 3315 Spider Lift a dream to use.

A powerful Kubota diesel engine comes standard, but also the hybrid option is becoming very popular. This provides an on-board Lithium battery system allowing the entire machine to be operated almost silently – brilliant for operating around quiet zones or after-hours, or even just to improve communication between ground and platform.

The “quick stick” feature allows the machine to set up with the bottom boom in the vertical position, yet the basket still at ground level, which then allows the operator to elevate from ground level to working height in a greatly reduced time frame. Also the huge amount of telescope in the bottom boom provides a vertical lift path if required. This clever design also provides zero tail-swing, meaning the 3315 is amazingly capable of operating in confined areas.

The heavy-duty crawler track system is hydraulically expandable, and expands “out and down” to increase departure angle and ground clearance, for rough off-road operation. Non-marking rubber tracks are available if required for operating on fragile surfaces, or new concrete, pavers, etc.

This 3315 Spider Lift is amazingly compact. With the basket removed, the length is only 6.5 meters. Height is 1.99 meters and width 1.39 meters (with tracks retracted) for narrow gateway or commercial doorway access.

The 3315 Spider Lift is available with three basket sizes, ranging from 1.4 – 2.2 meters wide. 230kg SWL is the same across all sizes.

Dual position outrigger legs allow versatile setup options, especially when operating in and around obstacles or tight areas. Full rotation, and full working height can still be achieved, even when the 3315 Spider Lift is setup in its narrowest setting of 3.38 meters. The clever angled and extra-long travel stabiliser legs mean you can not only set the 3315 up on very uneven ground, but it can also self-load onto some trucks and trailers.

With a low tare weight, transporting is much simpler and more economical than with much heavier conventional EWPs.

This low weight design also means the 3315 Spider Lift is ideally suited for craning onto sites and operating on load sensitive floors.

Combine this machine with Monitor’s market leading after sales support and technical knowledge, and there you have a winning package!

Contact Monitor Lifts on 1800 025 024 or at sales@monitor.net.au for more details – Service support Australia wide.

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