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The 21-Day Challenge

by admin

Think right now about what you put into your body today.

Maybe you started with a pie for breakfast at the local servo, a coffee or a V to get you going, some Panadol at morning tea with a coke, a burger and chips for lunch, a donut and chocolate milk in the afternoon and finished with Macca’s for dinner.

Now I’m not going to sit here and shake my finger at you like your mum and tell you those things are bad for you and that you should never have them again. That’s a negative goal and working from a negative goal will not create any kind of permanent, positive change in your life. In fact, I don’t want you to give up anything – unless of course you willingly want to! What I want to suggest is that if you want to increase your energy levels, improve your quality of sleep, increase your body’s ability to function and cope with stress, decrease inflammatory processes in your body and be playing at your best in life, you’ve got to start adding sufficiency.

Sufficiency involves providing your cells with what they need to express health which may also help to negate many of the less healthy choices you are making.

If you want to be stronger, faster and more efficient, then give this a go. I’m inspiring you to a 21-day challenge. Get your workmates and friends involved and start adding sufficiency where deficiency and toxicity exist to counteract the negative effects of things like that high sugar, full-of-chemicals donut, or the stressful or poor postural position you’ve worked in for the last eight hours.

So to add sufficiency, I’d suggest having a bottle of water before and after your coffee. Walk instead of sitting when talking on your mobile. Have an apple before or after your pie. An apple eaten with a pie is so much healthier than just eating your pie. Your cravings will naturally start to change and your body will start to change the way it operates and you will see what giving your body the fuel it deserves actually feels like. If you’re still having challenges with a food that you’re wanting to shift away from, however it’s one of your favorites, then sit in front of a mirror naked eating that food and it will change the way you think about it!

It comes down to how seriously you take your health. Without your health you have nothing. Without health, work stops, play stops, enjoying your family stops. So now is the time! You have control over what level of health you are expressing and why would you want anything less for yourself, your coworkers and your family? It comes down to what are you willing to do and below are three suggestions for your 21 day challenge:

  1. Fresh fiber first: before every meal or snack ADD something fresh where possible so, a piece of fruit or stick of vegetable would be ideal. Pick your favourite, seasonal ones
  2. Fresh water first: before and after every drink, have a large glass of water and aim to look at getting two litres per day
  3. Get your golden hours of sleep: your body does all its healing and repair during your REM sleep which is between 10pm and 2am. If you are missing out on any of these hours then you are robbing your body of repair time and will likely feel in a constant state of jet lag.

I’m challenging you to do these three things for the next 21 days and at the end of those three weeks, I guarantee you will notice a huge change in what you are feeling, how you’re performing and how much more you want to play in this game of life.

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