Teeth Types

What is the difference between these saws?

When it comes to finding the perfect Silky Saw it may feel overwhelming! But don’t worry there is a Silky Saw designed just for you and what you want to cut.

There is very little these boys can’t handle!

“Why can’t you use a fine tooth saw for medium to large general pruning?”

You will feel the difference if you cut a live branch with a fine tooth saw. The sap will get stuck in the teeth. Result… time and frustration. The right tooth size gives: speed and enjoyment.

“What about a large tooth saw for every pruning job?”

If only it was that easy but unfortunately not. Using a large tooth saw on a small branch will cause the saw to jump around on the branch and ultimately land on your hand. And trust me, they cut skin even better than wood. If you try to cut a small branch or fibrous material with a large tooth, they will feel like they are fighting with the material, not cutting it enjoyably.

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