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Taking You To New Heights

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The Bushranger TPS261 Telescopic Polesaw has just launched into the Bushranger Power Equipment commercial range.

The Bushranger TPS261 Telescopic Polesaw represents the latest addition to the increasing range of product available in the Bushranger stable and definitely should not be looked past in terms of performance, reliability and local support.

Designed to get to those places you don’t really want to go yourself, the extended reach of this saw is approximately 5.5 metres or 18 feet in the old scale.

Made in Japan, and with a 25.4cc Maruyama commercial 2-stroke engine this machine comes with the power and reliability you can expect from any precision engineered and manufactured product.

The business end is fitted with a 10” Guide Bar with 3/8” LP chain and automatic bar oil pump. The lightweight aluminium shaft ensures both the rigidity and usability that any commercial operator should expect and the rubber grip on the shaft provides both comfort and superior grip for the ultimate control.

Backed by a two-year commercial warranty, you can be assured your business will reach higher with the Bushranger TPS261 telescopic polesaw in your kit.

For more information call 1300 363 027 or visit www.bushrangerpe.com.au

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