SuperX Shakes Up The Small Splitter Market

Whitlands Engineering, the company behind Superaxe wood splitters and Rex bulk firewood machinery has launched recently into a new market with their lower priced small woodsplitter, the SuperX 3100.

The sub $4000 market is crowded and high volume. Most of the options are horizontal machines with little or no safety features. Typically, the cycle times are slow, there is no workspace, and they are not farm-towable.

The new SuperX 3100 is based on the hugely successful Superaxe range of woodsplitters, which have dominated the Australian market since 1993.

Central to the innovative design is the powerful vertical sliding blade, which can accommodate lengths of wood up to eighteen inches. The generous bench area means the operator has space to stack split pieces rather than constantly picking them up off the ground – a huge saving in time and effort. Add in the block lifter (fitted standard) and the arduous task of splitting firewood becomes much easier.

The SuperX 3100 features a genuine Honda 6hp engine. Pairing the HQ ram with the 4” bore, a high flow two-stage hydraulic pump and control valve, the system produces 3100 PSI of pressure to ensure the blade will split the toughest Australian hardwood with ease. The 11 second cycle time is category leading and the machine is easily manoeuvrable or farm-towable. Additionally, the SuperX is covered by a comprehensive two-year manufactures warranty.

In a departure from existing business practice, the SuperX 3100 is sold only through a network of machinery dealers, rather than any direct sales. Since the February 2021 release, almost 50 dealers have been appointed, with plenty more to come.

Keep an eye out for the new SuperX at your local machinery dealer.

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