Superaxe ticks all the boxes

Superaxe ticks all the boxes: safe, tough and efficient.

Whitlands Engineering is one of the last remaining local wood-splitter manufacturers, prioritising local jobs, strict quality control and the pride that comes with being Australian owned and Australian made.

The Whitlands Engineering story started when head designer and CEO David Burder designed and built the first vertical hydraulic log splitter on the market – the now legendary Superaxe.

Safe, local product

Thirty-one years later Whitlands Engineering is considered one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic wood splitters. All machines are built on site in the country Victorian workshop and shipped direct to buyers all over Australia and New Zealand.

A core focus of the Whitlands Engineering approach to product development is safety. Although not as widely publicised as other farm accidents, injuries from hydraulic wood splitters are common, and often very serious. In response to concerns, Whitlands Engineering has developed a two-handed control system used on the Superaxe which keeps the operators hands away from the cycling blade. This simple system has been applauded by hire companies, business owners and machinery operators as it maximises operator safety and reduces potential liability.

Over 30 years the staff at Whitlands Engineering has earned an unrivalled reputation for building ergonomic, tough, productive and efficient machinery. Image: Whitlands Engineering

The range

Available in three different models ranging from smaller domestic machines right through to the powerful WS4150, all Superaxe models feature log lifters, heavy-duty construction, top quality Honda power packs, and a two-year manufacturing warranty.

Over 30 years the company has earned an unrivalled reputation for building ergonomic, tough, productive and efficient machinery. David said, “We’ve been providing machines to the farm and forestry sectors and arbor industry for many years – the durability, ease of use and speed of all our machines means they are the first choice for many companies seeking to exploit the profit potential in tree waste and plantation timber.”

There is a machine to suit all requirements – large or small. Furthermore, as a small company, Whitlands Engineering can also accommodate custom additions.

Thank to Whitlands Engineering’s decades of experience and development, Superaxe ticks all the boxes.

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Image: Whitlands Engineering
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