SUPASWIFT Log Splitters

SupaSwift was a pioneer in the introduction of rotary mowers sold in Australia.

The SupaSwift lawn mower was introduced in 1959 and it quickly gained a solid reputation for quality design, build strength and reliability.

Today, SupaSwift has expanded their range offering various types of outdoor power equipment including Log Splitters. With winter upon us the decision to invest in a Log Splitter will be your best yet.The SupaSwift Log Splitters offer an easy solution to all your timber jobs, saving your back and time in the process.

These units are available in a 25-ton or 30-ton option. They are also powered by a reliable Kohler engine, providing many years of consistent service.

Packed with features, you have the choice of horizontal or vertical operation, dual hydraulic filter, twin stage pump, a manually activated auto return valve, tow hitch, 3-year domestic warranty plus more.

The benefits of using a Log Splitter to handle your jobs in comparison to a saw or hand axe really stack up. Firstly, the time saved using a Log Splitter will allow you to enjoy the things in life that are important to you.

Secondly, there is minimal manual labor needed. You will notice the difference comparing the strain conventional wood splitting has on your body to what little fatigue you will walk away with after using a Log Splitter.

Lastly, these SupaSwift units mean business. They are sturdy, ready to work and are easy to use. Simply turn the machine on, select your operating position (horizontal or vertical), place your desired log to be split in position and engage the control valve lever allowing the wedge to move and split the timber – it’s that easy.

The manually activated auto return valve safety feature allows the wedge to return into position, ready for the next piece of timber.

SupaSwift Log Splitters are an affordable option and can be viewed at one of their nationwide dealers, check them out today.

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