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As stump clearing is a service in high demand, broadening your service has now become easy and affordable with the new range of Predator grinders.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to remove trees from their gardens. Safety, landscaping, and legal requirements are just to name a few. However, many people often forget one crucial aspect of tree removal: the stump. Stumps can often be located in back gardens – with tough access, side alleys and other obstacles to navigate. So, it’s no surprise that many arborists refuse to offer stump clearing as part of their services.

When it comes to removing stumps, the Predator’s range of narrow access grinders are highly sought after. With a full range of sizes, all Predator grinders are made to be compact and manoeuvrable, so it is easy to find the right kit for your business. Designed to work efficiently from 7hp through to 50hp, these grinders are known to punch above their weight. However, power is not the only winning element to determine how well it performs. Compact design, low operator fatigue, fuel economy and cutting system all play critical roles.

ST661 and ST880

The ST661 and ST880 stump grinder attachments are a real game-changer for arboricultural professionals. More often than ever, customers will ask to remove the stump as well as the tree. In the past owning your own stump grinder may have seemed unaffordable or just too large and cumbersome to be worth transporting around, but with the ST660 or ST880 attachments there is now an innovative solution.

Instead of subcontracting the stump grinding or hiring gear for the day – resulting in lost profits on rental fees, fuel and travel time – the ST661 or ST880 attachments are a stump grinder attachment that is designed to utilise your existing Stihl MS661 and MS880 chainsaw engines. Starting from 25kgs dry weight, the attachments are the lightest on the market, and are small enough to take on site with the rest of your tools, easy to carry, and capable of delivering results quickly and efficiently. Now many arborists can offer stump removal services anytime, anywhere.


In the category of pedestrian machines, Predator’s 360 grinder is without doubt the most versatile and effective. The central pivot system makes it a real winner – jobs that are normally hard work can now be tackled and repeated without straining or tiring the operator. The P360 has been known to increase productivity up to two to three times compared to grinders without a pivot, allowing more jobs to be completed and earning you a return on your investment.

It has a great swing for such a compact grinder, at 812mm or sixty degrees, it’s unmatched by similar grinders on the market. At only 660mm in width, and with an impressive grinding depth, this compact machine will reach almost any tough access tree stump.


The P50RX does not nibble at stumps – it eats them. Its variable width track base travels from 790mm to 1170mm at the touch of a button, allowing a big machine to fit through a gateway narrower 900mm with ease.

Predator uses the fully proportional, highly accurate and incredibly reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system. This is commonly found on cranes, it allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever, whilst having the flexibility and vision of a remote operator.

Whatever your requirements, a machine that can cut effortlessly to a depth of 380mm with a swing of 1500mm, fit through such a narrow gap, doesn’t have a belt or clutch in sight, looks as good and works as well as the Predator 50RX, has got to be worth checking out.

All Predator grinders come as standard with the patented Multi-Tip cutting wheel, which has two leading teeth, each with four cutter tips that can be changed in under a minute making it approximately 30 per cent more efficient than the same machine with finger teeth. This combination allows you to get maximum performance from a smaller machine and really makes the job easier.

With Brisbane based chipper specialists Hansa Products as the local distributor for Predator, you know you will be in good hands. With the full range of small, hand-held grinder attachments, pedestrian models, as well as larger remote-controlled models up to 65hp on offer, there is bound to be a Predator suitable for every stump you need to grind.

For more information visit www.hansaproducts.com.au – Hansa Products are the sole distributor of Predator grinders in Australian and New Zealand.

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