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Monitor Lifts Strong And Durable

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Omme 2100E Trailer mounted lift, the perfect fit for multiple and unique applications in the tree care industry.

The Omme Lift products (made in Denmark) were first imported into Australasia in 2003 by Monitor Lifts and have proven themselves to be a strong and reliable machine.

One of the many Omme Lift machines is the 2100E Omme Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker. The tallest trailer mounted cherry picker on the market today, the Omme 2100E weighs only 2.7T and is towable behind most tradesmen’s vehicles.

With 21m of working height and 12m of horizontal outreach, the Omme 2100E is a perfect fit for the arbor industry.

Powered by a reliable Honda engine, the Omme 2100E Hydraulic outrigger legs on this machine provide it with the ability to set up on steep slopes.

200kg SWL, 2-man capacity basket, provides plenty of room for operators and equipment. Fully certified for use in winds of up to 45 km/h ensures you will be able to work safely in most conditions.

With self-driving capabilities, the Omme 2100E trailer mount can be manoeuvred without the tow vehicle, allowing access to more applications with added efficiency and simplicity.

With its Stick Boom configuration, the Omme 2100E has very minimal tail swing and having all steel boom sections makes this machine strong and durable which is exactly what an arborist requires when operating in tough environments.

With a hybrid option (on-board battery power) the Omme 2100E is able to work indoors and outdoors allowing operators to tackle multiple and unique applications and also providing them with an edge over their competitors. Monitor Lifts excellent service and back up support is just another reason why the 2100E Omme Lift is a safe investment for your business.

Call one of the friendly team today on 1800 025 024 or email sales@monitor.net.au for further info on the Monitor Lifts large range of Specialised Access Equipment.

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