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During February, March, and April, I have been testing personal protective equipment from the Solidur professional workwear range for arborists: the Infinity chainsaw pants, the COB fleece shirt and the H20 water-resistant jacket.

Infinity Chainsaw Pants

The Infinity Chainsaw Pants are available in two colours, orange or red. I have been testing the orange pants over the last few months to see how they hold up in the Australian tree industry.

When first trying on the Infinity pants, I immediately noticed how light and comfortable they were. The lining is super soft and doesn’t cause abrasion against your legs. The vents at the rear of the legs are certainly the largest vents I’ve seen on any chainsaw pants on the market. They definitely help to keep you cool on warm days.

Made from 4-way stretch nylon, they stretch where it counts. Also, to help with flexibility, it has “hyper stretch zones” which is a really clever way of creating stretch where it is needed, without making the pants baggy in any areas.

The hyper stretch zones are essentially pleated “Armortex Kevlar” which allows the material to stretch out then spring back into its pleated shape.

Teflon around the bottom half of the legs is incredibly strong and hard-wearing, meaning when you’re kicking through branches, you are highly unlikely to tear your pants. With all these stretchy materials, the pants have a really nice slim fit, meaning they don’t easily snag on branches.

Other cool features of the pants include a combi-tool holder for those who work on the ground or in forestry, where it is definitely handy to have a combi-tool on your person.

Removable gaiters are built into the pants with lace hooks to prevent them from sliding up, which is especially handy for climbers.

It also helps prevent any nasty creepy crawlies such as spiders and ticks from getting up your legs. Webbing loops for carabiners and other accessories are also on the pants and pockets galore with good quality zips unlike other brands where a zip may not make it past two weeks.

In the third month that I had been trialling these pants I had not had a single major issue with them. I have found them very comfortable, well ventilated, hard wearing and super lightweight.

I usually have three pairs of pants that I wear on a regular basis depending on what I am doing. Over the last three months I haven’t worn anything but the Solidur Infinity pants and I don’t plan to stray from them anytime soon. These pants have continually impressed me, especially when compared against other pants in the same price point. These are definitely my top recommendation to anyone working in the industry.

COB Fleece Shirt

The COB Fleece Shirt is a top design for the colder months. Available in three colours, yellow (which is essentially lime), red or orange. Again, I opted for the orange option. I haven’t managed to get as much wear out of the shirt whilst climbing, but I have worn it a lot for felling and general ground work.

The material is a really soft polyester and is super comfy to wear. When I initially looked at the product, I had some concerns that it may be quite scratchy on the skin but that is definitely not the case. Even when it gets warm or sweaty is still remains a very soft, comfortable material on the skin.

Other cool features of the COB fleece include the thumb loops and vented armpits. The thumb loops are great for if you are wearing a jacket over the top so the sleeves don’t get bunched up in the jacket sleeves. They are also really nice to wear on especially cold mornings. I often catch myself putting my thumbs through the loops just to try keep my hands and forearms a bit warmer.

The vented armpits are also great as they allow fresh airflow to get into your armpits and prevent you from getting too sweaty.

Overall, I really like the COB fleece shirt, it’s comfortable, cosy and looks great. What more do I need to say about a thermal shirt?

H20 Water Resistant Jacket

The H20 Jacket is Solidur’s high-end waterproof jacket designed for workers. Unfortunately, SA has had its driest start to the year on record, so we haven’t had much chance to really give it a good trial but the rain that we have had has been a pretty good test for the H20 jacket.

The jacket is constructed for workers, especially the hood which is designed to fit over helmets. The hood also has a lip ridge to prevent water from spilling back into the wearer’s face. When the hood is not needed it can be conveniently rolled up and tucked away. The sleeve cuffs are able to be tightened to prevent the sleeves from sliding up your arms.

When we trialled this jacket model in the rain, it was coming down very hard. The jacket stayed nice and cool. In torrential downpour the jackets kept each of us very dry, even the climber getting smashed with the worst of the wind and rain. The fit of the jacket is great too as it isn’t at all baggy, which prevents excessive water catchment and avoids snagging and catching on branches.

The H20 jacket is incredibly effective against wind and rain, looks fantastic, fits well and is very competitively priced against other brands.

For more information visit https://treecaremach.com.au

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