The snorkel MHP15HD heavy duty trailer mounted articulated boom lift was pushed up in the air and went through a tough day of work.


This month I was asked to try out the Snorkel MHP15HD boom lift to see what I thought. First of all it’s a very sturdy looking trailer mount. Usually every machine is different and has something that needs to be pointed out in order for you to use it the first time, not this machine. What I found to be good about the Snorkel is its simplicity, with traditional lower controls and basket controls and auto levelling, anyone who has used any kind of platform before would be able to hop into and operate without having to be shown a thing. This is a positive when inexperienced or numerous operators are using the machine.


The machine has electric power to the basket which makes it good for tradies that may use power tools and has a 10.9m cut-out switch for operators that aren’t ticketed; LV insulation is an option and it has lifting lugs in case it needs to be lifted into a site.

The machine is an articulating knuckle boom and does not have a telescopic boom. Time to go in the air. The machine looked sturdy and it was very sturdy in the air. The controls were smooth and at no time did the basket wobble around.



I found the machine easy to set up and pack away. This Snorkel MHP15HD is a great little machine for jobs where you don’t need a huge amount of outreach or for those who aren’t used to using pickers. You could easily set it up under that small to medium tree in a park or front yard, something too dead to climb or a small job you don’t have enough money on to get a climber in for. It’s a sturdy machine that would be handy to have around.

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