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Small Things That Count

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Whether they’re making short work of trimmings or entire trees, wood chippers are powerful tools. More so if we are talking about Hansa’s model C60 and C60RX.

It’s no surprise that arborists today are turning to Hansa’s C60 model chippers. With the growth in modern day cities, it is getting harder to access urban areas, so there is a need for powerful yet lightweight machines to get the job done.

And that’s the beauty of the Hansa models. Their power-to-weight ratio, along with a range of optional features offers huge benefits for the serious arborist.

The original C60 weighs in at 1490kg making this 65hp, 10” capacity chipper one of the lightest brush chippers of its size on the market. With an 18” wide opening, it is versatile to cover most jobs while ensuring that the machine can get into more areas that aren’t designed to accept industrial sized machines.

Chris Corfe, the owner of Marc Doyle Treework, owns a C60 Hansa chipper to help his team of qualified arborists safely and efficiently carry out jobs.

“I’ve used Hansa for the past ten years and, in my opinion, they are the best-built chippers on the market,” said Chris.

“The quality of the machines makes them built to last, and the Hansa team are always evolving the chippers to make jobs easier for arborists.

“The C60 is very aggressive (in a good way), a lot of people prefer a drum designed chipper but I think the C60 chips just as well, actually even better.

“One of my favourite features is the modular design which gives us the ability to customize our machine to suit our requirements from new or adapt it to suit our requirements down the track. I purchased a C60 with lift-and-crush and may look to add the hydraulic winch in the future when I need it. It’s a simple bolt-on assembly with the machine designed for it already,” Chris added.

Hansa offer many optional features for their chippers with one of the most popular being the hydraulic winch. With up to 1.8t of pulling power and 40m of rope, the winch speeds up the physical working process meaning you can wave goodbye to dragging heavy branches, especially those on sloped terrain. Fatigue is reduced enabling a safer work place for all staff members.

Chris continues: “The Hansa chippers surprise me every time, they always over deliver – never struggling to chip the bigger branches and foliage. Having the lift-and-crush has made life easier for me and my staff members.”

The optional hydraulic lift-and-crush is a great addition to force heavy foliage into the chute at a faster pace as well as quickly clearing feed from any obstructions caused by over-sized materials. The lift-and-crush effectively triples the bite force and can be controlled from either side of the chipper. Also available as a tracked chipper, the C60RX has the same capacity and options of the C60, with the added versatility of tracks. Weighing in at 1920kg, the remote-controlled unit allows the operator to navigate the 65hp machine over rough terrain or soft ground from a safe distance. You simply control the feed-rate with the control bar and the rest is automatic.

With a custom in-house designed trailer on offer for the C60RX, it keeps the chipper at comfortable working height, making it versatile for efficient use in either configuration, hitched on the trailer or on tracks.

Hansa like to keep their clients branding look on point – hence why they offer customisations of colour and logos to their chippers so clients can make it their own.

It can also be the small things that count – with convenience options available like cone and rake holders, a toolbox and spare wheel holders.

“The service from Hansa is always fast, the team always listen to their customer, hence why they’re constantly evolving to suit arborists needs,” Chris concluded.

All Hansa’s machines are designed in-house, developed over time from first-hand experience in the field. Hansa offers a superior product to remain competitive and stand apart from imported models in product quality, efficiency and solid build. If you stick with Hansa and treat their chippers with the respect and care it deserves, it’ll give you great service for many years to come – Hansa aims to keep customers for a lifetime with dependable chippers they love to use.

Hansa offers the option of a custom in-house designed trailer with its C60RX model.

Call Hansa’s range of chippers contact John Lyon on 1800 426 722


For more information visit www.hansachippers.com.au

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