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Silky Hook Fox fits all Silky Pole Saws.

“STOP… you’ll take down the phone line if you keep going. Get the Silky pole with the Hook Fox and lift up the cable to get the rig under.” That is how the Council in one of our major cities solved their low hanging service line problems at one of their park lands when manoeuvring in big trucks for the many events they hold.

“Don’t use the saw blade to drag in the lowering rope, you’ll cut it! Get the Silky pole with the Hook Fox.”

This is a common issue, where ropes are dragged using saw blades and can then be compromised by a small knick.

“What, you’ve jammed the pole saw! Get the Silky pole with the Hook Fox and lift up the branch to take the weight and free the saw.

Or it could be a jammed chainsaw. With the quick use of lifting the branch with the Silky Hook Fox, the bar will be free and back on the job before you know it. Much quicker than having another chainsaw sent up to free the bar. Your throw line or rope hasn’t quite made it to the spot. No problem! Grab the Silky Hook fox and easily move your line or rope into place.

Are you a Climber?

If you are a climber, consider the following questions.

Have you ever used a pole saw when you are in the tree? How do you hang it when you are repositioning? Have you ever had your pole saw fall? Did it miss you and the groundies on the way to earth? Silky Saws are extremely sharp and work best when cutting branches, not falling to the ground below.

This item will save hundreds of dollars on broken blades, and time wasted.

There are many uses for the Silky Hook Fox.

You will appreciate the time and money the accessory to a Silky Pole Saw will save you with the following tasks:

  1. Repositioning the lowering ropes
  2. Not breaking pinched saw blades by lifting the branch
  3. Service cables not wrapped around the excavator arm
  4. Jammed chainsaw back in use quickly
  5. Pulling dead branches out
  6. Pulling palm fronds off
  7. Removing seed pods on palms
  8. Securely hanging the pole saw as you move about the tree.

Each of the above are real examples and have saved much more than the $44 investment in a Silky Hook Fox. The Silky Hook Fox is designed only for use with the Silky Pole Saws. It is easy to fit and comes with a complete set of attachment bolts for each Silky Pole.

With every Silky Pole Saw, arborist, landscaper and garden maintenance contractor will benefit having a Hook Fox on their pole.

Put the headline in the search bar, or go straight to arborlab.com.au for more information. Alternatively call A T C Products on (07) 3823 1599.

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