Shakanda light-truck chipper bodies

Shakanda light-truck chipper bodies, from Victorian-based Shakanda, has led a shift in arborists’ choice of vehicle size in recent times.

With a wide range of skills and design facilities, Shakanda creates a comprehensive range of truck bodies to suit client needs and vehicles of all sizes. Working with clients throughout the design process ensures longevity, functionality and an exceptional finish.

Key Features of a Shakanda chipper body include:
• Bodies sandblasted, zinc primed and 2-pack top coated
• Hot dip galvanised and Zinc plated components
• Bodies customised to individual requirements
• An extensive range of optional extras
• Quality and durability
• After-sales service, and
• Weight minimised without compromising structural integrity.

Light trucks

Managing Director Roger Bengtsson oversees the engineering and construction of a wide range of projects at Shakanda, but lately he’s seen an increase in arborists, who would in the past have opted for a 4×4 light commercial vehicle, now requesting chipper bodies for larger vehicles within the 4×4 range.

“The demand for light-truck bodies is increasing,” he told The Australian Arbor Age magazine. “Shakanda doesn’t build chipper bodies for light commercial vehicles because there’s too many issues associated with weight capacities and overloading. There’s a duty of care to be considered by all.

“The larger vehicles are much more fit for purpose for the end user. There are plenty of good light trucks which are a little less expensive than some of the light commercials. The driver just has to move to a light-truck licence.”

Larger vehicles are much more fit for purpose for arbor and forestry work. There are plenty of good light trucks which are a little less expensive than some of the light commercials. Image: Shakanda

Expert knowledge

The stronger light-truck chassis doesn’t necessarily mean things are easier for Shakanda from an engineering perspective. Roger explained:

“We design a particular body size for a particular truck, and the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) it offers, to ensure it is fit for purpose. Obviously, we custom design the bin for that truck to maximise the capacity of woodchips, even though the customer is moving into a bigger vehicle. That has its challenges when it comes to load and capability as well. “We have two vehicles in our workshop at the moment: the Isuzu and the Hino. We’re still in development on the GVM upgrade for the Isuzu, but, for the 817, we can offer a GVM upgrade that gives the customer an extra 900kg over the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) release.

The upgrade allows Shakanda to build a body which gives a better front/rear axle balance, allowing the extra load to be carried legally and safely, and if that sounds like an engineering feat, it’s because it is.

“During the upgrade process we don’t exceed OEM manufacturing specification limits at any point,” underlined Roger. “We don’t alter the Gross Vehicle Combination. We leave it the same. We only increase the GVM, which is still within axle limits as specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Development on the Isuzu is well underway. Image: Shakanda


The result is a more productive, less expensive and more capable work vehicle, ideally suited to arbor and forestry work, and engineered with a very high level of durability and safety.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Learn more about Shakanda at, or give them a call on (03) 5662 3144. 

Image: Shakanda


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