Setting The Standard

Vermeer’s BC2100XL setting the standard for safety and productivity.

If you’re looking for a chipper that can get through high volumes of waste timber, and is at the peak of industry safety, look no further than Vermeer’s BC2100XL Wood Chipper.

Weighing in at just over seven and a half tonnes, the BC2100XL offers operators productivity and performance advantages above and beyond what you’d generally expect from a wood chipper, plus it’s backed and supported by Australia’s largest environmental equipment dealer, Vermeer Australia.

Greg Parkinson, Vermeer Australia’s Area Manager – Environment, says the BC2100XL has been setting the standard in the tree industry for years thanks to its intuitive features and configurations for Australian conditions.

“The BC2100XL comes with many great features that significantly assist in productivity, and the feedback from our customers has been resoundingly positive.”

The BC2100XL comes with gear teeth rings, which resemble a sprocket and are located on each end of the upper and lower feed rollers. “These gear teeth rings help grip material and at the same time, act as a vine ripper, which lessens the potential for material wrapping around the feed rollers.”

“The horizontal feed rollers are also offset, which means material can be pulled to the upper feed roller for easier use, which lessens the need for the operator to manually control the upper feed roller for larger material,” Greg says.

In terms of safety, the BC2100XL’s pivoting winch boom can be controlled by hand, and raised up out of the way of any material you place on, or that flows out of, the infeed chute. When lowered, the boom allows the winch to easily lift and position material onto the feed table.

“The BC2100XL also comes with Vermeer’s SmartCrush feature, which places downward pressure on the material as it’s being fed through the chipper. This especially helps dispose of any forked or branchy tree material.

“Best of all, the chipper and our whole entire range is backed by the service and support of Australia’s largest tree care equipment dealer network, Vermeer Australia. With locations in capital cities across the east coast, and equipment also available in regional locations throughout the RDO Australia Group branch network, you’ll be supported by our team of expertly trained parts and service technicians to help keep your business running,” Greg says.

What’s coming up for Vermeer Australia
Coming in October is Vermeer Australia’s Arborist Seminar Series, which will be held online for a second consecutive year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Arbor industry legend Joe Harris from Into Trees will host the series and will facilitate a number of sessions virtually for arborists to access. Keep an eye on Vermeer Australia’s social pages and website for more details to come including this year’s topics.

For more information on the BC2100XL visit or call 1300 VERMEER.

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